His new album Attractions of Youth has recently come out to rave reviews and the hectic video for ‘Kicks’ shortly followed… this is ‘Kicks’ unwrapped. 

Your new track ‘Kicks’ is lots of fun and full of energy, what lead to you creating this particular track?

Kicks like many of the tracks on the album is about the drive to make music, very much linked in with that time of my life when I was living off nothing. But towards the end like I’d somehow made a great life for myself out of it “oh come with me I’ll show you how to live for free, nobody’s got a thing on me” – it’s that feeling of like beggar prince character and you’re somehow beating the system. I’m gonna make music, I’m gonna do it ‘til I die I don’t care about money and that is the chorus basically… It’s me saying to record labels or whoever that I don’t need the money, whatever, I don’t care, but by hook or by crook I will continue to make music.


This is another single from your debut album The Attractions of Youth, how similar or dissimilar is it compared to others on the album?

I write songs in batches, Kicks is quite similar to hand and rather die especially in its soundscape and production, but the album varies to some degree, I’ve got a piano ballad in there I’ve got a prince inspired called never let you down, I’ve got sort of more post-rock stuff like gold dandelion, the attractions of youth is very Beatles-esq track with no guitars on it, it’s all strings and brass.

Tell us a bit about the video for ‘Kicks’?

There’s two couples and we’re friends and it’s like this hedonistic joy ride into the life of this friendship group. It was so sexy, it was in this seedy motel room and there was this ginger lady sat in bed in her underwear with this block TV on her lap. Me and my on-screen girlfriend and the other couple are all hanging out doing this crazy stuff and then we get to this motel and we each start making out with our respective girls and then we switch and then I realize that he’s making out with my girl and I’m like “Hey man that’s my girl” and I push him off me and I punch him in the face and we wrestle homoerotically on the bed and then we realize that we’re actually just friends so we stop… it was a lot of fun. The whole thing culminates in the pool and there’s loads of people and it’s all sweaty, this big pool full of fans. It gets super nasty too, this chick spits in my mouth from a great height and I swallow it and I had to do that take like five times.


Watch the video for ‘Kicks’ above.