The San Diego native digs into her sun-soaked debut…

Some songs just encapsulate the quintessential qualities of summer, and singer-songwriter Ashe has made it her business to create a whole host of them. On her brand new EP The Rabbit Hole, the San Diego native creates colourful and vibrant odes to romance and matters of the heart. The recently released ‘Choirs’ caused a stir that culminated with an appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly, whilst ‘Sometimes People Suck’ brings a blasé swagger to her repertoire all wrapped up in 60s inflected pop.

‘Real Love’ dials things down with delicate plucking and Ashe’s sincere croons about making life work, a political thread underpinning the song. Here Ashe talks more about the track, the theme of love, and her career so far…

We think we can spot the influence but tell us, why did you call your new EP The Rabbit Hole?

The Rabbit Hole title comes from a lyric off the very first track on the EP, “Afterlife”. The lyrics are “curious girl down the rabbit hole..” and there you have it.

We loved your latest single ‘Real Love’! It feels more intimate than some of the other tracks on the EP; can you tell us a little about what was inspiring you when you wrote the track?

I think “Real Love” might feel the most intimate because I wrote that song completely by myself. I sat down at the piano and about 15 minutes later the whole song fell out. I hold that one really close to my heart. I wrote it around the election when I was feeling an incredible amount of division and hate around me and our society, so that really spurred the song.

The theme of love often crops up in your songs. Why is this a theme that you – and countless artists through the decades – keep returning to? How do you make such a tried and tested topic sound fresh?

Haha, well I don’t know if I’m making it sound fresh, but I think artists have and always will be influenced by love because it’s one of those incredible experiences of the human condition. No one is immune to it, it’s absolutely relatable; we all feel its joy and utter gut wrenching presence in our lives. The only way I can think of it sounding fresh is because every human being is unique and singular, everyone will have a different thumbprint on how they express the way love makes them feel.

What is the song you are most proud of on The Rabbit Hole and why?

Aw, well I’m proud of all of them. “Afterlife” is probably the one I’m most proud of sonically speaking; I think it’s inventive and I was a big part of producing that record with my friends Roget Chahayed and Imad Royal.

Your single ‘Choirs’ has already topped 1 million streams – congratulations! With so many people paying attention to you, did you feel any pressure when writing your EP?

Thank you! Not really, nah, I try not to let the pressure get to me. I just hope people love the music.

Your music has a timeless quality to it. Can you tell us a little of what artists have influenced yourself as a songwriter and musician?

That’s very sweet of you. My biiigggest inspirations as a musician are Carole King and Stevie Nicks. They were timeless creators; I hope my music stands up to a fraction of how timeless theirs was/ is.

You’re a great lyricist! As a music fan and songwriter, what lyrics have stuck with you through the years?

I love love love lyrics. It’s all about the story. Honestly, one of my favorite lyrics of all time is John Mayer’s “Do I have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?” from his song ‘Dreaming With A Broken Heart’… ugh. Gets me EVERY DAMN TIME. Also, Carole King’s “So far away, doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?” Sheesh.

You’ve featured on tracks by Louis The Child, Whethan and Big Gigantic which helped to raise your profile. What do you love most about collaborating with other artists?

Ah it’s the magic of it. Creating music with other people is pure magic. You can get high off it, I love it.

You’ve been featured by VEVO, Nylon, Ladygunn and made your TV debut on Last Call with Carson Daily. How does it feel to garner such great support early on?

The support is incredible. You never know what to expect when you pursue a career in something as risky as music, so I’m super duper grateful for all the support.

Apart from yourself, what other new artists should we be listening to this summer?

Check out my girl Chelsea Cutler, she’s an allstar. Also, Jade Bird and homie Jeremy Zucker is killing it!

Alive or dead, who would be your dream artist to collaborate with and why?

YOWZA. Post Malone. Sign me up.

Ashe’s new EP The Rabbit Hole is available now via Mom + Pop Music.