The Portsmouth indie pop upstarts give us the lowdown on their latest track…

Arcade Hearts may only have aired their debut track ‘Honey’ last year but rest assured, they’ve been busy ever since. The indie pop upstarts, hailing from Portsmouth, are in an endless cycle of touring, writing and recording. This may sound droll to some bands, but the foursome make no secret that they love it and are on a quest to up their game.

Their unrestrained determination to make their mark is in full glow on latest single ‘Humble’. Their first outing for six months since the sing-a-long retro rock anthem ‘Different Place’, ‘Humble’ takes a different tack, switching the bassy rumbles for bubbly beats and dialling their pop machinations up to eleven.

The band took a pitstop to tell us all about the track, gigging and their plans for even more new music…

Your new single ‘Humble’ is a high octane pop riot! Tell us a little about how it came to life!

I think we had just done our first ‘away’ shows over December which lasted about a week. We met some bad people who would promise you the world and then cut you down, but we bounced back and started writing again and we wrote ‘Humble’.

We definitely hear a bit on an 80s influence in there! Are you big fans of the decade? 

It feels very intentional, but it’s actually very unintentional. We happened to love some of the sounds and techniques that were about or came to life then. Some of it is just so joyous and dark at the same time, really amazing stuff.

Who or what was inspiring you when you were bringing such a retro sound to the track?

That’s quite a hard question to answer, we were just pulling sounds that we liked and trying to fit them together, changing them till they worked, or what we think works. I couldn’t say what we were specifically listening to! A lot I think.

Given the title, we think we can discern what the song is about but go on, tell us about the story behind the lyrics!

We write our songs fairly ambiguously, but intentionally as we want the individual to find their own meaning to the feel and story. If I said what it meant to me then that could taint how you perceive it. There is an underlying mental health message there.

You’re constantly writing new music and working on your sound; will there be an EP to add to the collection in the near future?

21st September will be when our debut EP comes out!

“We’re not gonna speed down, we’re gonna speed up”

You tour relentlessly too. What’s your favourite thing about being on the road and gigging?

Not breaking down, every mile gained is a treasure. Not being at work or at home – it’s pretty invigorating meeting new people and pushing yourself.

Are there any memorable (for the better or worse!) tour anecdotes that you would like to share with us?

Our van blew up on the way from our London show with Youth Club to Larmer Tree Festival. We were just standing on the hard shoulder of the M3 at 2.30am staring at the van engulfing itself on the motor way in smoke. Two fire engines and a police car turned up, it was pretty eventful, but we did make it to Larmer Tree in the end.

You’ve got a bunch of gigs lined up for the summer. Which of your tracks would you say goes down the best with your audience?

‘Honey’ is such a summer song compared to the rest of our tracks, but ‘Bleach’ from our upcoming EP and ‘Humble’ are great to play at the moment.

What other bands are you excited about right now?

Jerry Williams and Wild Front are up to something. I’m trying to find out what, I think albums maybe, I don’t know, but if so they would be two fantastic albums from two fantastic artists.

What would you say has been your favourite album of 2018 so far?

Confidence Man album, so fun. Fickle Friends album, so indie-pop. Blossoms album, so cool. I know that’s not one, but do you really want me to say one?

Do you know what you’ll be up to for the rest of the year?

More recording, writing and gigging, we’re not gonna slow down, we’re gonna speed up. It would take a lot to stop us from doing this.

‘Humble’ is available now. The band play the following dates…

18th July – Thousand Island, London (main support to Youth Club)

19th July – Larmer Tree Festival

4th August Wickham Festival

25th August – Byline Festival

28th September – Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth (Headline EP launch)