They’ve just finished a headline tour, they’ve got a new EP out today (June 9) AND a new track. What a day for Indie Rock four-piece Twin Wild. We spoke with the band about their proper solid tracks, how the five years have gone since the band formed, and their inspirations.

Check out their new EP ‘Control’ before delving into the world of Twin Wild:

We are in love with your track ‘Control’. How did it come about?

Thanks! It started with the vocal melody and rhythm. I was singing it acapella whilst driving then we played with it a bit at band, we didn’t know if it was a guitar line, vocal or what. We finally had some lyrics we’d been working on that fit and we built the track up from there. Once we had that verse beat and bass line, the whole song really came together.

The video for the track is incredibly striking. What was the inspiration behind it? And was it fun to record?

We knew the Director and Producer Joe and Toby Lever from when they were in Young Kato. They had the idea of animation/drawings and showed us some examples / mock ups of what they wanted to do. We loved what we saw and then brought in the DOP Conor Chalk, who’s a good friend of the band, and we all worked on it together to it happen. We’re stoked on how it turned out!

It’s been five years since you formed. What would you say have been the highlights so far?

I think the times we played Isle of Wight festival are what immediately comes to mind. We got to play two great stages and were lucky enough to have a great crowd at both. It was a pretty surreal experience for us!

Your track ‘Fears’ is teetering on one million plays on Spotify. When did you realise it was going to be as popular as it is now?

‘Fears’ has always been a special one for us to play live since day one and I think that’s really said a lot – I know this is that classic thing that every band seems to say, but it really is true. We wrote this song quite a long time ago now, but even still, it remains a big moment in the set where there’s always this real connection between us and the crowd. We’re always amazed that people turn up and actually know the words. The fact that this seems to be reflected online is just nice to know that we’re not going crazy!

You’ve supported the likes of PVRIS, Nothing But Thieves and You Me At Six. Who was your favourite to support? And are there any bands you dream of performing with?

Oof you can’t ask us that – you’ll get us in trouble… If we completely HAD to choose, the NBT tour was our first ever tour as Twin Wild, so that was a big deal for us. It was the transition from being a garage type band to a touring band, and that was really exciting. That said, it’s always been so much fun playing with the PVRIS and You Me At Six lot as well, and there was the added bonus of being able to watch them after your set, so really it has to be the debut tour that decides this one.

Edith Bowman hailed you as “the love child of Bastille and Biffy Clyro”. What do you think of that comparison? And are you a fan of either of the bands?

Well, we’ll more than happily take that comparison! We’re big fans of both. ‘Puzzle’ actually came out just at the point in which we all were forming bands back at school, and Biffy were one of the big inspirations for why we wanted to be in bands in the first place. Naturally, our inner teen-selves were especially stoked to hear Edith’s comparison.

You recently finished your UK tour at the end of May. How did you find it?

One of the best tours we have done. We hadn’t played many of the cities before this run and was great to see a lot of new faces at each show. We also played a few new songs this time round and felt it gave the shows a new edge to Twin Wild and made each night more and more special. The whole tour has left us dying to get back out there. Good times!

Have you got any albums you’re loving at the moment?

We’re really loving the Kills latest album ‘Ash & Ice’. Probably the grittiest and most rock n roll album we’ve listened to for years. Another album we’re digging is the Amazons album (self-titled debut). Super fresh sounds coupled with chunky rooted guitars throughout the whole record. Big tunes!

Would you say that any artists have inspired you to be the band you are today?

Starting out it was really bands like Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro and Muse that got us into playing music in the first place – they’ve been solid drivers throughout. But in more recent years, inspiration comes from pretty much anywhere. On our first EP, we had been listening to a lot of Mikky Ekko and The Neighbourhood, and that seemed to influence us a lot at the time… now we’ve been listening to a lot of The Kills, Young The Giant and Kendrick. Anything that resonates inevitably has an impact on our music in some way I think.

Are there any other plans for the rest of the year?

We’ve got festivals lined up for the summer months coupled with finishing writing the last few tracks of our debut album. For the first time, it feels like we have a clear vision for the album and what it should sound like. The aim will be to record the album later this year and hit some support tours along the way. 2017 keeps getting better and better for Twin Wild!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Expect lots of shows and lots of new tracks in the set. We’ve got big plans ahead for the year!

The Control EP is out now via Play It Again Sam.