Following his debut album back in 2015, Tout Va Bien released ‘Goodbye’ the first track to come from his upcoming EP, to be released next year through Parlophone Belgium. His subtle layers of electronica are a wonder to the ears and his soulful, melodic vocals that go with them are like a comforting wave of sound, produces and mixed by Tim Bran (London Grammar, Birdy, La Roux) it’s definitely worth a listen and it was more than enough reason for us to pin him down for an interview.

Where does the name Tout Va Bien come from? 

A drunk night at the bar. It wasn’t going great at that moment. I noticed that everybody always tries to keep up an appearance, including myself. ‘How are you’ ‘Oh, everything is fine’ (no actually it’s shit). So the name ‘Tout Va Bien’ celebrates the sarcasm, the contradiction in ‘everything is alright’.


How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it? 

I really loved the sentence: ‘a gangbang in space between Radiohead, James blake and Sigur Ros’. The upcoming work will be more danceable and sexy tough.


You’ve covered Jaques Brel, David Bowie, Atoms for Peace and Justin Bieber, but who are the biggest influences on your sound? 

Well, I don’t believe in the concept ‘my sound’. I don’t want to get stuck in a certain kind of music. I want to keep on pushing, getting out of that comfort zone. There can only be magic when there’s vulnerability.
What are the weirdest things to have happened on tour? 

I broke up during a show. I remember saying: ‘the next song’s called: Goodbye’. She looked at me from the crowd, I looked back and we knew. Mindfuck: YES.


What is the Kepler Star and what is its meaning in the context of your album? 

Kepler Star is a star that died and we still are getting the signals of that event. It’s also the same in life. Things die, but it still sends out signals, it still defines us. Think about your youth. It’s over, it’s gone, but it’s still alive, it keeps on sending those signals.


If you could live on any other planet, which would it be and why? 

I am a big sci-fi fan. To go and explore would be… I would say, Mars because it’s relatively reachable.


Are there any non-musical influences that have inspired you to create your music? 

Bon Iver and Matt Corby were the first to touch me on such a deep level. At that moment I decided that I want to do the same.


What are your plans for touring or releasing music?

I’m very excited about my upcoming EP that will be released in February. We’re already working on the new show. It will be magical.