Amsterdam’s Pip Blom has been wowing us with her indie pop tunes… She’s also just been on tour and has very kindly put together a tour diary just for us! 

The boat from Dunkirk is a lot cheaper than the train from Calais. It will take us a few more hours, but who cares, we have our games kit with us.

Playing some cards on the boat. Pip Blom = Pip Blom, Tender Blom, Casper van der Lans, Camiel Muiser. But Casper couldn’t make it this time. Willem Smit (Canshaker Pi) joined us on bass, he is the second from the left.

We love the cliffs of Dover. This looks so nice! Forget the tunnel! 

After having dropped our stuff at our temporary London home, we go to check out the On Blackheath festival where we’ll be playing tomorrow. We played on cute stage.

We love Tesco! Especially the 24 hrs Tesco!

The next day, and a lovely day it is. We are having breakfast in our east London garden.

On Blackheath is a great festival – a nice combination of music and food. Here we’re getting ready to play… we’re a little nervous.

The gig went down really well. Great reactions from a nice audience.

We’re staying in Stepney Green. Not that far from Brick Lane, not that far from our favourite record shop: Rough Trade.

It would be so nice to play here sometime! The Rough Trade shop stage.

According to Rough Trade these are classics. You can find them in the Blom house.

Next stop was The Garage, supporting The Districts. We loved the gig! Great sound, great audience. Thanks to The Districts for having us.

The fridge is empty. Time to leave. See you soon, UK!