It’s been a crazy good year for new music! We rounded up our ten favourite debut albums – enjoy!

10. VÉRITÉ – Somewhere In Between 

Following the viral success of her cover of The 1975’s ‘Somebody Else’ (if you haven’t listend, it’s great… arguably better than the original), VÉRITÉ has gone from strength to strength. Mastering powerful, emotive pop music with a gripping modern edge, this is an album you can simultaneously dance and sing your heart out too… what more could you want?! Samantha Daly

9. Simen Mitlid – Everything Is The Same

Simen Mitlid’s debut album is a wonderful collection of simple, often melancholic songs that together feel more than the sum of its parts. In a very Devendra Banhart way, it’s nice without feeling one dimensional and direct, yet very easy to get lost in. Tobias Pugh

8. Dua Lipa – DL1

Dua Lipa had released a five singles that ultimately ended up on her debut album before the video for the anthemic ‘New Rules’ went viral, cementing her as the pop star of the year and one to keep an eye on. However, it’s a shame that it took so long, 18 months since debut single ‘Be The One’ first graced the airwaves. In many ways it’s a shame that ‘New Rules’ has now become so synonymous with Dua Lipa, as her self-titled debut is crammed full of killer pop songs and powerhouse vocals equally perfect for singing in the club or screeching in your car. ‘Hotter Than Hell’, ‘Blow Your Mind’ and ‘Last Dance’ – her steamy collab with Miguel; you really are hard pressed to find a better pop album in 2017. Kayleigh Watson

7. Declan McKenna – What Do You Think About The Car?

Evocative lyrics throughout, subtle yet massive hooks and melodies to die for; Declan Mckenna’s debut effort is not only an ode to the talent he currently has, but also the promise he shows as still a very young artist.
Featuring protest songs, addressing topics ranging from suicide, corruption, Black Lives Matter and much more, Mckenna is addressing important topics and although it can sometimes come across a bit confused, it’s commendable and many artists older than himself should take note.
A fantastic introductory full length effort and may there be many more like it. SD

6. Here Lies Man – Here Lies Man

Seemingly out of nowhere, Here Lies Man released one of the best debuts of 2017. Its sound is unique yet still familiar, with a combination of African rhythms and rock-y riffs aiming to answer the question “What if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat?” TP

5.Gothic Tropic – Fast or Feast

Some music belongs in the heat of summer, and Gothic Tropic’s Fast or Feast is the perfect soundtrack to such sunny days. On the Cecilia Della Peruti’s debut effort nostalgia and the finer months go hand in hand, the sun-kissed sound of ‘How Life Works’ and ‘Teenage Behaviour’ recounting both the buoyant and burnt out memories of her youth. Solid from start to finish, as an album Feast or Fast is the perfect introduction to Peruti’s world of punchy psychedelia and rose-tinted pop. KW

4. Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms 

Not only has this made our top debuts of the year, but it cemented itself firmly in our top albums of the year. A perfect example of how great narrative songwriting can be, but not only is it a great debut effort for the band, but it’s brought excitement and attention back to the UK Rock scene that it’s been missing for quite some time.
Any album that benefits the scene around them as well as the career progression of the band in which created it, needs to be recognised and celebrated. SD

3. LOUIZA – Party Trick

One of the most exciting records we’ve heard. For an artist to write a debut with such expertise and fluidity, it can only mean the genius behind it all is either a highly experienced and established artist under a new moniker, or they’ve been harbouring their invigorating talent, letting it grow and flourish until it was ready to be unleashed unto the masses. The answer is in fact the latter. Rebecca Mimiaga began her musical journey in her youth, studying contemporary vocal styles and listening to a daily dose of Nirvana, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder to name a few. This eventually lead to a graduation from the New School for Jazz with a BFA in vocal performance and most recently in 2014, the formation of rock band LOUIZA. The avant-garde artist is now ready to take on pop with her mix of jazz, Nothern Indian classical, rock and whatever other eccentric music she’s managed to expertly whisk into this sublime cocktail of sounds.
On ‘Party Trick’ Mimiaga tells us: “Those songs sort of came from all over. The threadline was me trying to experiment with elements I like to hear: strong bassy riffs, raga-like melodies, angular chord progressions, harmony, found-sounds. I spent a lot of time at the piano imagining what would replace the piano. And, a lot happened in the studio.” Rahul Bhogal

2. Yellow Days – Is Everything OK In Your World

George Van Den Broek, aka Yellow Days, is the sort of artist you stumble upon and then stick with. His debut album Is Everything Ok in Your World?  built on the legacy of his debut Harmless Melodies EP, released back in 2016, and tackles everything from mental health to growing up in the modern age. Like all the best soul, his style is easy listening; it washes over you in a summery haze, but there is added depth, gaps in the melody or ambiguity in the lyrics which forms the basis for another listening. Yellow Days is an artist who has had a fantastic 2017, and is set for even better come the new year. Arthur Charlesworth 

1. Blaenavon – That’s Your Lot

Blaenavon have been on the slow burn since they released their debut EP in 2013, however in the past year their career has propelled forward with unprecedented gusto. With two more EPs under their belts before the release of debut album That’s Your Lot, the band have honed their atmospheric indie rock maelstrom to a sharp point. Album opener ‘Take Care’ is a full-throttle assault whilst singles ‘Let’s Pray, ‘Orthodox Man’ and ‘Lonely Side’ show a softer, brighter edge to the band. Trust when we say to catch them live if you can. KW