110 and Above Festival is in Leicestershire and is one of the best places to see the newest and best bands. I have decided to write about what would be the top class acts you MUST see, and you’re going to love it.

Sundara Karma

With choruses designed for arena singalongs, this can be no other than Sundara Karma. I could cite all sorts of statistics to confirm their stadium trajectory – three-quarters of a million Spotify streams, high positions in the charts – when all you need to do is listen to their music.

Breaking it down to the basics of their signature sound: take the highlight of every Sundara song; stunning vocals, somewhat profound lyrics and indie-pop character. A new version of their album “Youth is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect” is on the cards and they will no doubt stun the fanbase.

You’d be raving mad to miss them, a stunning, class A act.


Indie band Cassia, which is made up of Rob Ellis, from Prestbury, Lou Cotterill, from the Moss estate, and Jake Leff, from Tytherington, is another band which you can’t take your eyes off.

Cassia has had one of their songs chosen as Radio 1’s BBC Introducing Track of the Week. Which evermore increases their popularity, with catchy beats it is sure to get the crowd up and jumping.

Completely self-managed and with a 10,000 strong online following in just over a year, it strikes a chord with a broad audience, growing broader by the day; their first release as a trio, Moana, racked up 11 thousand plays in a couple of months.

The Night Café

A personal favourite of mine. The Night Café. The Night Cafe is one of those bands that always seems to shine under the radar, which truly is a shame given their onstage and in-studio talent.

This talent was noticeable over when they supported The Wombats on their UK tour, which is an achievement performing with The Wombats in itself.

Tracks such as ‘You Change With The Seasons’ hit over 2,500 plays on SoundCloud in one day which showcases their strong following already. The band have also embarked on a tour with The Hunna and Sundara Karma.

Their on stage presence will be sure to not disappoint the crowd. This could be the start of something amazing for The Night Café.

High Tyde

Despite only being in their teens, Brighton four-piece High Tyde already has a remarkably extensive back catalogue to their name.

The intricacy behind their masterful song-writing and talent on stag will put them on a pedestal, and stand out. The achievements The Night Café have made so far is truly is something to be proud of.

The fact that at such a young age, they have the determination to succeed and have already performed with huge bands, means that they deserve a place on that stage.


With comparisons to the likes of Blondie, being described as ‘bitter dream pop’. It can be no other than Anteros.

Their set will provide you with the confidence that makes you want to get off your feet and shake the person next to you!

Anteros has been releasing music over the past year, a couple of my favourites being, ‘Breakfast’ and self-entitled, ‘Anteros’. With hope, they will tackle the festival season head up making sure that they become a household name!

All Anteros desire is to get you up and dancing, so if that’s what you desire (of course you do), then head to see them without any hesitation.

Little Comets

The nervousness of Little Comets introduced a genuineness to their music that isn’t usually expected. The songs are performed for not only the crowd, but for them. Little Comets seek approval, to make THE best music for you, a huge difference in comparison to other artists.

The release of their newest album ‘Worhead’ is spectacular. Armed with an array of feel-good indie-pop tunes that you don’t mind having stuck in your head, singing all day long, they’re the perfect group to become obsessed with over the summer, a complete infectious, confident appeal.

Performing, they will be without a doubt captivating, and YOU will get to see this first hand.


Five-piece indie-rock band Coasts rose to fame after forming the band after university. They spent the summer writing material and rehearsing before making their first live appearances in 2012, and have continued to impress audiences ever since.

The band released their debut single, Stay, also in 2012, which received radio support from Huw Stephens, which is amazing don’t you think?

Their single Oceans has received international media attention and has achieved over four million plays on SoundCloud! You can see this played live! 2017 has already seen the group tour around the country and with an extra 38 dates added to their touring schedule, it’s safe to say that this year will be yet another busy one for Coasts.

Eliza and the Bear

There is no real explanation for Eliza and the Bear. You need to just watch them on stage, and you will see how astounding they are.

After being dropped from their label, they are back with a whole new sound. A mass of guitar riffs, and catchy tunes, it takes a true artist to stick to their song writing guns and a much braver band to express a desire to evolve musically. Eliza and the Bear, the bravest, act on that desire.

Indeed the band can further delight in their newfound independent commercial success by having retained the majority of their fans accumulated over the years. Their rebirth has been successful, so whilst you’re at the festival, pop along and see them. You won’t regret it.

Clean Cut Kid

Hailing from the brilliant city of Liverpool and adorned with one hell of a beard (well, one of them) the group are a favoured indie band!

Clean Cut Kid first burst onto the scenes in 2015 with successful singles ‘Pick Me Up’, ‘Vitamin C’ and ‘Runaway’. Although in 2016 they took a slightly different turn with their music and released their debut EP, ‘We Used To Be In Love’. Closely followed by the alone track, ‘Make Believe’.

Clean Cut Kid also supported The Courteeners (Not many can say they’ve had that opportunity!) towards the end of 2016 gaining some valuable experience to take into this year, and wow, are they using it well.

2017 is the year for Clean Cut Kid with them gaining a well-deserved fanbase, releasing a highly-anticipated debut album and by once again tackling as many music festivals as possible and you can get to see them.

Will Joseph Cook

Finally, we have Will Joseph Cook. A personal favourite.

Will Joseph Cook first emerged in 2015 with insanely catchy ‘Message’ and ‘Streets of Paris’. During his first year he released two EP’s, ‘You Run I Jump’ and ‘Proof Enough’. Throughout 2016, he started the build up towards his debut LP by releasing three singles, ‘Girls Like Me’, ‘Take Me Dancing’ and ‘Sweet Dreamer’.

Having gained an unbelievable amount of attention from the music industry, he has had his tracks played on major radio stations, and gained respect from fellow musicians, for example, Wolf Alice, who did a remix of ‘Take Me Dancing’.

His songs are filled with killer choruses and uniqueness, he isn’t your average indie artist, something you will just have to witness yourself.