Finnish pop sensation ALMA has been consistently releasing bright pop bangers through 2017 with the cool edge of Scandinavian climes. A combination of cutting edge production style and a commendable, self assured attitude makes this new artist one of the most appealing prospects in new pop. The tongue in cheek songwriting style of breakout ‘Dye My Hair’ combined with the utter pop euphoria of ‘Chasing Highs’ are likely to set the stage alight on this year’s main stage. We highly recommend researching early EP track ‘Karma’ and Felix Jaehn collaboration ‘Bonfire’ ahead of her performance as these allude to the alternative/r & b leanings of Alma’s pop palette. Not one to be missed.



An artist who arrived with one of the strongest impression in recent memory, GIRLI has been creating a reputation for her bold live style and strong views on politics and feminism. Despite her young age, she intelligently attacks the establishment through cutting lyrics and danceable beats. She also writes in a wholly honest style of the struggles of teenage existence including shit house parties, dodgy online encounters and presumptuous male admirers. Set to riveting PC beats, GIRLI combines the forthright experimentation of breaking artists such as SOPHIE and Danny L Harle with the pop wit of ‘Alright Still’ Lily Allen and the social savvy of M.I.A. She is undoubtedly one of the freshest new artists currently ascending the musical ranks.



After seeing Raye destroy two shows at The Great Escape on the eve of releasing her new single ‘The Line’ I have no doubt she is the UK’s most promising rising pop star. The way she handles herself onstage combined with her incredible ability to write downtempo pop hooks (see ‘Distraction’, ‘Shhh’) is an incredible amount of fun to watch. She can also bring a party as she gleefully skips around stage, interacting sincerely with the baiting crowds to the sound of mega features ‘By Your Side’ and ‘You Don’t Me’. What’s most exciting as a prospective artist is that as immaculate as the like of ‘You Don’t Know Me’ sound when performed by the feisty teen, it’s the absolute genius of ‘I, U, Us’ that appears the most promising. Its the incredible pop hook and perfectly balanced combination of modern pop, 90s and R & B and 80s dance which stands Raye so high above her contemporaries *cough Anne-Marie, Zara Larsson, Bebe Rexha cough*