Thøss hello! Firstly what is your real name if you’re at liberty to divulge that information and how did you decide upon the moniker of Thøss? 

Hello! Thøss is essentially a modified version of Thos; an archaic abbreviation of my birth name, Thomas. I explored a number of titles for the project but kept on coming back to Thøss as it felt personal.

You’ve recently released ‘The Meter’, how have you found the reaction to that?

I’m very happy with the reaction. It’s still early days but people seem to be enjoying it. I realise it’s different to anything I’ve put out so far, but isn’t variety the spice of life? I have no interest in writing the same song twice.

We have to talk about ‘IWITW’, obviously it has a whole string of accolades including Spotify Viral Chart placings, were you expecting the response to be so universally positive?

Absolutely not. I was in total disbelief watching it climb those charts. To connect with people on such a scale with my first real release is incredibly inspiring.

I understand both of these tracks will be included in your forthcoming EP ‘Benchwarmer’, what can we expect from the rest of the collection?

Correct. I would say you can expect variety, but equally you will find running themes and a consistency of sound I hope. As a whole the EP captures some of my thoughts towards suburban living.

It has been quoted that you look towards the old to create the new, who would you say the biggest influences are on your sound?

I grew up listening to a lot of older music so naturally it has found a way into my sound. The most obvious examples being 70s LA bands such as ‘Crosby, Stills & Nash’ and ‘The Eagles’ but also notably the King himself. Grizzly Bear are my biggest influence in modern music

What’s on your playlist at the minute? What new releases are you really enjoying?

Right now I’m loving:

‘Everlasting Sigh’ – Moses Sumney

‘Something Soon’ – Car Seat Headrest

‘Golden Days’ – Whitney

You recently supported Flawes at a sold out Sebright Arms, how did you find that performance? 

It was a lot of fun. That was only my second time playing in London so it was great to play to a full room. The Sebright Arms is a great venue too.

You’re being compared to revered acts such as Daughter and Ben Howard, who’s career (if any) do you aspire to?

Let’s aim high and say Elvis Presley.

Finally, with festival season just around the corner do you have plans to play or attend any this summer? And what would be the dream stage to play in the future? 

I have no plans to play any festivals this year. However, I will be heading to Glastonbury. On that note, my dream festival stage has to be either the Pyramid stage or the Other stage.

Outside of the UK, I’d love to play at Pitchfork Paris or Byron Bay Blues Fest – both amazing festivals.