Across the five brilliant tracks of Matt Koenig’s debut EP While It’s in Style, the sharp synths, funky bass, warbly guitars and echoey vocals hint at psychedelic powerhouses like Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, all the while retaining their own surreal pop sound. The name, which came to him on a sleepless night of valerian root tea drinking, is a big hint to its sound too. The chilled and stretched out sound sounds like it was found and recorded in a dream world.

The superb, melancholic single ‘Good Luck’ followed. Written and tracked “in just eight hours at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio”, Koenig “felt like a Beatle or something showing up with a simple melody idea and writing under pressure.” But it more than paid off, becoming his biggest hit so far. While mainly his project, there are a load of “different awesome and talented people” throwing in ideas and “enriching” the whole experience, depending on who’s available when. The process of creating the songs is dreamlike too, utilising his subconscious by “working on songs for like eight hours and getting really exhausted” or “pictur[ing] someone I care about and just grab any good feelings that comes to mind.”

Despite what you might assume from the hazy, escapism of the music, Koenig doesn’t seem like a slacker. “I like keeping momentum going. That’s really my biggest ally I think”. With a tour, a show at SXSW and being “half way done with an EP” (which sounds very promising) ahead of him, The Undercover Dream Lovers is a name we should all be getting used to.