Hello The Erised, firstly give me a little context on the band. How did you all meet and when did you start creating music as a unit?

Daniel: Hello! I met Igor in 2012 at a random party in Kiev – we were playing as DJ’s, before that we knew each other only through the internet. Our history begins in 2014: we were working on a collaboration and decided that we wanted to record vocals for our track – it wasn’t like anything we’d done did before. Igor: That’s how I met Sonya, we had some friends in common and they recommended Sony to me as a great singer.Sasha: I met the guys through our friend Roman Bulakhov, we were recording some video material at that time, and I was really interested to make something together.

You’re signed to Med School Music, a primarily drum & bass focused label. How did that deal come around and what made you want to sign with them?

Daniel: Before “The Erised” we had few releases on MedSchool as Detail & Hidden Element. They asked us for new music and one day we sent them the live video for “Pray” (in that time we had no name for the band & no name for the song, just one video). The guys from Med School loved it so we worked on three more tracks to complete the EP and then signed to the label – it’s a real pleasure to work with them!

The ‘Desire’ EP went down a storm last year, ‘Pray’ has now clocked almost a million streams on Spotify. Did you expect the response to be so positive?

Sonya: At the time we finished the track, we understood it would be loved by the vast majority of listeners – but we didn’t expect that much success! Almost every week, we receive covers on this tune, dance videos, acapellas, etc. It feels amazing!

I have to admit I do not know much about the Ukrainian music scene, how do you find making music there and is there an audience there for live performance?

Sonya: To be honest, it’s pretty hard to be a musician in Ukraine mainly because there aren’t that many places to perform… but thing are getting a little better.

Where has been your favourite place to play and visit so far as a band and where would you like to tour most in the future?

Daniel: We have a music club called “Atlas” here in Kiev. Our debut solo concert sold out – I can’t describe the feeling, it was incredible.

Sasha: I want to go on a USA tour! I was there a few times with other projects and now I want to make it with “The Erised”. Unforgettable!Sonya: I want to make it to the festival in London!

I’ve heard that you’ve recorded with this year’s Eurovision champ Jamala, how do you feel about the song contest coming to the Ukraine next year?

Daniel: Yep, we recorded a track with J.A. We did it for her album, which was released in 2015. Although if I’m honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Eurovision…

What tracks are currently on the band’s playlist? Do your tastes match up or do you have arguments about what’s going on pre-show?

Sonya: We have different tastes in music. For me, as a singer, I like mostly Pop music. Sasha love’s Jazz and Fusion, and Igor with Daniel sometimes liste to some kind of music from hell, which i can’t listen to at all. Metal or whatever!

Sasha: We don’t argue much about the track list – but at our latest gigs, I’ve preferred tracks to be in a certain order, depending on bpm.

Your debut full length is to be released imminently, how do you feel about the release and could you tell us a little about what to expect from the album?

Daniel: Our album is versatile but mainly holistic. We had a hard time deciding on the concept for it as we had a few options. Big thanks to Tom, Tony and Chris at Med School for helping us to decide the best one – as well finalising overall sound for our tracks.

Sasha: You’ll fully understand us and the album if you listen from start to finish.

Sonya: If you’re expecting positive and relaxing vibes from the beginning of album, you’re making a big mistake! The album grows strength in the middle, and gains biggest accents in the end. Somehow…. You need to listen to it anyway!

Finally, do you have plans to visit the UK in the near future?

Daniel: We’ve been invited to perform at Hospitality in the Park on the 24th of September – we are extremely excited to visit London for the first time…. only Sasha has been before. He played a gig with David Gilmour and was impressed by how beautiful it was!