16463395_1248916555199731_2860361181561723170_oTen Fé are currently amidst an ace tour of the U.K following the release of their debut album last month. We had the pleasure of catching up with them to see how things are going… and they even treated us to what exactly they’ve been listening to on tour…
Best show of the tour so far? 
Ah, we’ve had some really special gigs. London will have to have been the best so far, though. There’s always a lot of adrenaline when you play London, you want to smash it. It was the biggest show we’ve ever done there, it was sold out, so everyone in the band was really nervous and excited before the show. But we had an amazing one, the crowd was great, and we came off totally buzzing afterward. Heavy shit!
Most interesting venue? 
Studio 672 in Cologne. It’s a building in the middle of a park in the centre of the city.
Most energetic crowd?
So far, it’d probably be Hamburg. They were great. But we’ve got Manchester coming up, it’s going to be on St Patricks Day, so we’re hoping for some good banter there.
Weirdest thing to happen to you on stage? 
We played Berlin on Leo’s birthday. We surprised him on stage when our bass player Rob presented him with a birthday donut (called a Berliner) with a candle in it and led the crowd in a chorus of Happy Birthday.
Biggest mistake on stage? 
At the beginning of the tour, I kept forgetting to take my slide with me on stage. I need it for when we play ‘Twist Your Arm’, and so would have to run back to the dressing room to go and get it in the middle of the gig. Leo and Rob would do a quick rendition of ‘Hound Dog’ as a segue if the dressing room was too far from the stage!
Biggest win on stage? 
We play ‘Burst’ as the closing song of the set. It has an extended outro, that we all jam on. When we were in Bristol, our drummer Al became possessed by the spirit of Keith Moon and started totally unleashing on the drums. We all just turned toward him at that point, and rode the wave, seeing the fierce look he had in his eyes. It was wicked.
Favourite song to play? 
We play Born Slippy as an encore, that one’s always emotional.Least favourite song to play? 
Probably Born Slippy, just because it’s the last song of the set!
Favourite part about playing live? 
Getting to do it every night, everyone in the band gets more and more tuned into each other. It’s a real buzz feeling that collective energy on stage, and it just naturally seems to get better and better from night to night.
Favourite location to play? 
Really liked a lot of the places we were in in Europe. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Copenhagen. Got a lot of love for Berlin. But Hamburg was probably the coolest place we’ve been to so far on the tour.
Ten Fé’s Tour Playlist

The Proclaimers – Over and Done With

It’s been the song we have on before we go on stage every night when we’ve been on tour, in honour of our Scottish sound man and driver Courty. He’s going to take us on a road trip around the Scottish country side outside Glasgow after our show there, can’t wait for that.

Bill Wyman – Je Suis un Rock Star

Our bassist Rob used this track to get him through an epic drive from Amsterdam to Aarhus on only a few hours sleep the night before.
The Beatles – Chains

An old Ten Fé favourite, have sung it together for years, and it’s the first song we sing when we’re warming up the vocals before a show.
Underworld – Born Slippy

We recorded a cover of this at the end of last year and have been doing a cover of it as an encore on the tour.
Free – All Right Now

The first track of a playlist our drummer Al put on the stereo when we were arriving into Amsterdam passing around a hip flask of Jagermeister. Spirits were high.
The Beautiful South – Rotterdam

We had this one on the morning after we played our first show of the tour in Rotterdam. Driving out of the city, watching the streets go by, and singing at the top of our lungs.
Rolling Stones – Plundered My Soul

Exile on Main Street is a big favourite of ours. Been playing this one loads, definitely gonna get plenty more spins.
Supergrass – Alright

Had a 90s session on the van stereo on one of the drives during the tour.
U2 Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Driving with U2 playing at a high volume is always going to be good.
Oasis – Rock and Roll Star

Probably the best track to have on when you are arriving into a city the night you are about to play a gig. Definitely going to be pumping through the stereo when we arrive into Manchester.
Ten Fé play Nottingham tonight and Manchester tomorrow night, be sure not to miss out on what will definitely be unforgettable shows.