Harvey Pearson

From releasing her debut album to headlining shows, Tusks has surpassed herself this past year…

The incredible Tusks released her atmospheric and magical ‘Last’ a year ago while on a 13-date US and Canada tour with Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir. Now with an album under her belt and another on the way, Tusks is certainly working hard to make a name for herself – and rightly so!

October saw the release of Tusks’ moody cover of ‘London Thunder’ by Foals in the run-up to the release of her highly-anticipated debut album, Dissolve. All the excitement of Dissolve led to the Londoner performing on live stream from Facebook HQ before embarking on a European Autumn tour playing three dates at Iceland Airwaves Festival, then London, Amsterdam and Paris.

Her headline show at Kamio in November was her biggest headline show to date. She played Dissolve in full with her band, and received support from London duo KALEIDA. She finished off her tour at Olympic Cafe, Paris which became her last gig of the year, and what a gig to finish on.

As an early Christmas present to us all, Icelandic electro trio Vök released a dreamy remix of ‘Last’.

Tusks had a well-deserved break over the Christmas/New Year period and didn’t appear again until March as she supported Vök on their UK tour, stopping off at Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Nottingham and London.

The rest of 2018 so far has seen the release of Slugabed‘s remix of ‘Paris’, ‘Toronto’ hitting a whopping one million streams on Spotify and a headline show for the War Child UK at Camden Assembly. Last month, Tusks released Dissolve Live EP along with live session videos, which you can check out on her YouTube channel. She’s now currently working on her second album, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Tusks provided us a more personal insight into her year: “Hello again! Thank you so much for featuring ‘Last’ a year ago – quite a bit has happened actually since then. I went on my first tour of the USA and Canada with Asgeir, I released my debut album Dissolve, I had a really bad accident snowboarding and smashed up my elbow which almost lost me the use of my left hand, I recovered from said accident even more determined that I wanted to make music and so re-learnt guitar and piano again and went straight into touring the UK with the amazing Icelandic band Vök. Then I’ve been busy writing and producing my second album over the past 3 months which I’m expecting to be finished in the next few weeks. I couldn’t be more excited really!