A debut EP, debut live show, 4 singles, 3 collaborations and an extra band member; The Swoons have been having the time of their lives.

We can’t believe it has been a whole year since we covered The Swoons‘ dreamy single ‘Lost’, but time flies when you’re having fun which the LA indie pop band have clearly been doing. We didn’t have to wait long for their next single ‘Balance’ which also consisted of catchy melodies and instrumentation we’ve come to love about The Swoons.

Things went a little quiet in March, but they came back with a bang in June with not one but TWO new tracks as a reward for our patience. First came ‘Novocaine’ which showcased something different. Still in typical Swoons style, ‘Novocaine’ is a slightly duskier offering, while the bass in ‘Hungover Your Love’ is as infectious as a virus, without wanting a cure!

September was the month we’d all been waiting for. The Swoons released their highly anticipated debut EP Lost. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“For us, we are constantly drawing influences from different places and so this EP really felt like a mixtape to us in the sense that it was a collection of sounds blending pop, electronic, dance, R&B and even cinematic in Tony’s closing composition of Serein. We wanted to find a space on the record to feature Tony’s classical roots as a virtuosic pianist whilst adding our touch of organic electronic sounds to create something that could be very much escapist and take you away for 3 minutes. A lot of the music started as acoustic demos that Matt had initially written back at college in Boston. Funny story, when we moved to LA in 2017, due to a hard drive failure on Giacomo’s end, we actually lost our productions of both ‘Lost’ and ‘Balance’ and so ended up reproducing both from scratch that ended up being for the better – haha! We’ve definitely learnt to backup now to avoid a repeat of that!”

September was a big month for the then trio as they also played their debut show at The Hotel Café, LA which was followed by a few other local shows at venues such as The Silverlake Lounge and Molly Malone.

Since then, the indie poppers have concentrated on collaborating with other artists. In November, Johann Beach‘s debut EP Aloha was released which was produced by The Swoons. They also collaborated with Transviolet on ‘Lost Frequency’which was released last month.

So far this month, The Swoons have released a cover of the Oscar-winning song ‘Shallow’ from the 2018 film A Star is Born, plus Trevor Myall‘s debut album One Way Ticket was released which was also produced by The Swoons. Trevor has now joined the band, making The Swoons a four-piece. They told us last week, “The bond we all created outside of the music as friends has been incredible and that’s why it felt like a natural step to add Trevor to the group. An extremely talented songwriter and vocalist in addition to being a multi-instrumentalist, we are so excited to work on the next chapter of Swoons music as a 4. We are delighted to have seen his current singles online amass over 2 million streams and we are extremely excited for the full release next week!”

Currently, The Swoons are working on their debut release as a four-piece as well as working with Johann Beach on his next project. They’ve promised more LA show dates this year, and we can only hope they’ll head across the pond in the near future!

How was the year for The Swoons? “It’s amazing how fast time flies with us already in February in 2019! We’re currently working on the next releases as a 4 and following Trevor’s solo debut EP release, we are excited to share new songs with you later this year amongst other fun projects that we have in the pipeline! Thank you Born Music Online for covering this #tbt and we look forward to sharing more with you swoon! ;)“