Born StrangerBorn Stranger have had a year to remember: three releases, multiple radio spins and two became one…

It’s nearing the end of September, which means a number of things. It’s the beginning of Autumn, there are 13 weeks until Christmas, and it has been a whole year since Born Stranger released the bouncy ‘This is My Life’. The track received a great reception worldwide, appearing on Spotify Japan’s Drive Loud playlist, featuring as Track of the Week on BBC Introducing Northampton and hitting No. 20 in Spotify Spain’s Viral Top 50!

It’s not all about the new, either. BBC Introducing Northampton gave Born Stranger’s 2016 debut single ‘Fire and the Flame’ a spin in November ahead of ‘This Is My Life’ hitting an incredible 100,000 streams on Spotify in December. 2017 was a great year for streaming for the boys, as their music was streamed for 591,000 mins, and they had 82,670 fans in 61 countries! Impressive.

Born Stranger kicked off 2018 with the release of ‘Pain’, featuring versatile London singer Vivienne Chi, and received a play from BBC Introducing Northampton. The boys gave a little background into the song on Facebook:

“Pain is something we’ve all felt. There’s a certain romance to the pain of having your heart broken for the first time. It hurts but it’s exciting and all consuming. When you’ve felt it once it’ll never feel the same again, the more you feel it the more numb you become. This is a song for anyone who craves the reckless innocence of falling in love for the first time.”

A stripped-back version of ‘Pain’ was released in February, and in April Kinship released a remix.

‘Killer in Me’ was released in April, which would become Born Stranger’s last single release as a duo. Raif soon after left the project to focus on a new project with his partner. In May, however, a track co-written by the Born Stranger duo and Salt Ashes, ‘Girls’, was released and added to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

The now solo Born Stranger has signed to Radikal Records and is releasing his first track as a solo project tomorrow! Keep an eye out!

The remaining Born Stranger, Maddox, provided us with a more personal insight into his year: “Lots has happened since the release of ‘This Is My Life’ – Born Stranger is now a solo project. Raife and I had been working together for the best part of the years in various guises and Raife’s heart isn’t in making pop music anymore, he’s left to pursue a more left-field production-based sound with his partner Kelda; much love and respect to him. 

“Since the start of 2018, Born Stranger have released two singles – ‘Pain’ and ‘Killer In Me’. Through our work with Salt Ashes (we co-wrote her latest single ‘Girls’) we caught the attention of her label Radikal Records (who have worked with people like Nelly Furtado and Sinead O’Connor) and I’m pleased to say I’ve now signed to the label. The first release is happening this Friday 28th September and is called ‘Last Night on Earth’. 

“I’ve been living and working in Cyprus for the summer, working on new material and working with some really talented people. Looking forward to what’s coming next.