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Video Premiere: One Eleven – American

7 August 2019

One Eleven’s “American” ignites the flames in the haunting duo’s new gothic-inspired music video Dropped two days ago by the London duo One Eleven, “American” now has it’s own gothic-inspired [READ MORE]

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Video Premiere: Mutes – ‘Overfed’

11 March 2019

Mute whatever you’re doing right now and check out “Overfed” – the latest release from Mutes Creating quite a stir back in 2017 with their album “No Desire” which brought [READ MORE]

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Video Premiere: Mouth Breather – ‘Boyfriend’

13 February 2019

Internet geek takes a step outside into a colourful forest… Montreal alt-pop artist, Mouth Breather spends most of his time browsing the internets and finding unnecessary facts (don’t we all?) [READ MORE]

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Video Premiere: Martha Hill – ‘Wallflower’

24 January 2019

Travel into the brain of storyteller, Martha Hill, and her music video “Wallflower”

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Video Premiere: Con Davison – ‘Talk’

21 January 2019

Let’s ‘Talk’ about Con Davison’s latest music video…

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Video Premiere: STF – ‘Lookalike’

17 January 2019

Imagine seeing your own doppelgänger. Now have an exclusive visual into the soundscape & mind of ‘Lookalike.’

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