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Unwrapped: Thyla’s ‘What’s On Your Mind’

3 April 2019

Brighton based quartet Thyla unveil the layers behind ‘What’s On Your Mind’

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Unwrapped… Joseph J Jones – ‘Tears & Tequila’

5 October 2018

The former boxer is at his soulful best on this emotional knockout…

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Unwrapped… Theia’s ‘Bad Idea’

19 July 2018

New Zealand’s Theia returns to the music world, cementing her as 2018’s hottest new pop prospect

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Unwrapped… JONES Silver Screen

17 July 2018

Jones releases a stunning new music video for her single 'Silver Screen', with a dreamy feel and elegant visuals, it's truly magical After hearing JONES' New York EP,  released last [READ MORE]
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Unwrapped… Mariami ‘Electrify My Heart’

16 July 2018

  Mariami is back with her new single ‘Electrify My Heart’, with powerful vocals and a strong electro-pop genre, this track will keep you all on your toes

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UNWRAPPED… Tommy Ashby Bowlegged

7 July 2018

Discover the truth behind Tommy Ashby's new single 'Bowlegged' and his music video that captures his honest and personal lyrics Travelling the country playing guitar in his father’s traditional blues [READ MORE]
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UNWRAPPED… Austel ‘Anaesthesia’

2 July 2018

With ethereal vocal soundscapes and a dark, moody tone, explore emotion and discover the truth behind Austel’s new single ‘Anaesthesia’

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Unwrapped… Monogem’s ‘Get You High’

13 March 2018

Jen Hirsh, the singer-songwriter behind Monogem, dropped by to delve further into the creation of her blissfully soulful latest single ‘Get You High’.

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Unwrapped… That Gum U Like’s ‘Killer’

28 November 2017

The mysterious, Twin Peaks loving duo detail how they created their arresting new single…

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