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Unwrapped… JONES Silver Screen

17 July 2018

Jones releases a stunning new music video for her single 'Silver Screen', with a dreamy feel and elegant visuals, it's truly magical After hearing JONES' New York EP,  released last [READ MORE]
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UNWRAPPED… Tommy Ashby Bowlegged

7 July 2018

Discover the truth behind Tommy Ashby's new single 'Bowlegged' and his music video that captures his honest and personal lyrics Travelling the country playing guitar in his father’s traditional blues [READ MORE]
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Music Videos: Part Three

2 December 2016

The third and final installment of our Top Music Videos of 2016 comes from Sub-Editor Sam, from the insane timing in the OK GO video to the weird and wonderful happenings in videos [READ MORE]

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Music Videos: Part Two

1 December 2016

The second installation of our Top Music Videos of 2016 is here! This time they come from one of our wonderful sub-editor’s, Kayleigh. She’s put together a pretty magical list, in [READ MORE]

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Music Videos: Part One

30 November 2016

With the end of 2016 racing toward us rapidly, we thought we’d start looking back over the past 11 months and all of the great things that have come from [READ MORE]

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Prinze George

25 October 2016

Fresh from the release of their debut album ‘Illiterate Synth Pop’, we caught Prinze George and spoke all things music video with them, here are their absolute favourites and it’s [READ MORE]

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