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Introducing: ROYAL

16 January 2019

“Songwriting became my emotional outlet. It helped me to express myself and gave me a voice in a world flooded with insecurity and noise. “

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Introducing: Zebra Troop

23 November 2018

Texas’ Zebra Troop’s latest single ‘The Race’ is proving to the people he can make gripping music to keep him and his sound on track. Soon, he will be overtaking [READ MORE]

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7 November 2018

With Runrummer’s recent Single ‘Penny Drop’ steadily hooking the gills of the masses, there’s a buzz in the air for this West Midlands lass and rightly so.

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Introducing: Hey Jester

2 November 2018

Imagine splicing together a dash of Zeppelin, a dab of Radiohead and a dollop of Muse. Sounds good, right?

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Introducing: Walkingshoe

29 October 2018

Following Walkingshoe’s self-titled debut album ‘Walkingshoe’ we thought we would reach out to the man himself to find out more about the mind behind the music.

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Introducing: The Cordial Sins

28 August 2018

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, The Cordial Sins hit the ground running with their harmonious indie rock boasting a snarling hint of grunge, already opening for MGMT and The Flaming Lips. [READ MORE]
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Introducing: Nonô

22 August 2018

Brazilian singer Nonô reveals her laid-back underground sensibilities in her new track ‘Bite’

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Introducing: Volte

21 August 2018

Introducing Volte, an artist who creates emotional and dark pop music that delivers real and honest music to your ears. Let's find out more... Volte is an incredibly talented artist [READ MORE]
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Introducing: Beta Waves

20 August 2018

We 'Love Love Love' their new track but what are the electro, synth-pop duo, 'Beta Waves' all about? Let's find out...   We caught up with the BETA WAVES, the duo [READ MORE]
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