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VIQs vs. feelswithcaps

10 June 2019

The Helsinki trio knuckle down to take our VIQs…

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31 October 2018

Following the release of their excellent new EP Paycheck, we sought find out a little more about Dutch indie-pop powerhouse Pip Blom

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REVIEW: Banfi – Marlow EP

25 October 2018

Huge hooks and acres of depth are commonplace on Banfi’s latest offering

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PREMIERE: Indigo Face – ‘A Rose is a Rose’

12 October 2018

Indigo Face’s ‘A Rose is a Rose’ is an empowering, genre-bending anthem ‘A Rose is a Rose’ is the latest offering from London indie-pop quartet Indigo Face. The Track is a [READ MORE]

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Review: Future Generations – Landscape

9 October 2018

Crammed with emotion and huge hooks in equal measure, Future Generations return with their new full length album ‘Landscape’.

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Review: Arcade Hearts – Arcade Hearts EP

20 September 2018

Arcade Hearts deliver Pop sensibilities, 80s Disco vibes and an Indie cutting edge on their eponymous EP

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Introducing: Daisy Maude

14 September 2018

Hailing from the mountains of Arizona, Daisy Maude crafts stirring and emotive indie pop that transports you into the wild

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4 September 2018

Ahead of their huge upcoming London show, we caught up with The New Coast to find out a little more about the East London Indie Pop duo…

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