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Top 10 Debut Albums of 2018

12 December 2018

We’re all about brand new music here at Born Music. So why wouldn’t we have three separate lists for debuts?!

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Friday Favourites #28

14 September 2018

‘Loosen Up,’ this Friday Favourites is set to be one ‘Hell of a Party,’ with new music from Cassia, All Tvvins, GIRLI and many more…

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Introducing: Cosmo Sheldrake

3 May 2018

Following the release of his imaginative debut The Much Much How How & I, we spoke with Cosmo Sheldrake to discover what’s lead to the creation of something so unique.

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Friday Favourites #7

6 April 2018

New Music Friday is always great, but this week it’s even better. Why! I hear you ask? Well, it brings with it album releases from FOUR of our absolute faves.

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