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Review: Now Now – Saved

14 May 2018

Now, Now have decided that now is the time to gloriously burst away from the unturned precious stone from which they’ve been hiding all this time.

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Review: Castelle – Polychromatic

30 April 2018

This week marked the beginning of a very promising and colourful career for Detroit-based artist Castelle. Polychromatic is a titillating glimpse into the young musician’s imagination.

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Review: The Slow Readers Club – Build A Tower

25 April 2018

Build A Tower invokes a desperate sense of dystopian desire.

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Review: Bryde – Like An Island

9 April 2018

Bryde’s debut album Like An Island is an odd mix of heartfelt artistic exposure and moving empowerment.

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Review: Fenne Lily – On Hold

3 April 2018

Fenne Lily’s marvellously melancholy debut album, On Hold, showcases her incredible songwriting and vocal ability

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REVIEW: Geowulf – Great Big Blue

12 February 2018

“The aural equivalent of driving along the coast on a heavenly summer’s day,” Geowulf are set to release Great Big Blue on February 16th. Looks like Summer’s coming early this year…

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Review: Nick J.D. Hodgson – Tell Your Friends

22 January 2018

Ex Kaiser Chief Nick J.D. Hodgson unveils his take on indie and britpop as he leaps into the risky realm of solo work

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10 Years On… Bloc Party – A Weekend In The City

24 January 2017

10 years have passed yet Bloc Party’s second album ‘A Weekend In The City’ has never been more relatable. 2007, retrospectively, was a fantastic year for indie music. Fast forward [READ MORE]

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Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect

9 January 2017

Reading’s SUNDARA KARMA have wasted no time before jumping in to release a debut album full to the brim of stadium appropriate, anthemic tracks, to cement themselves as this year’s [READ MORE]

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