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Review: Boy Bjorn – ‘Mistaken Animals’

11 October 2018

“It probably wasn’t best for me to do this album, start to finish, by myself, but it was my personal marathon to complete.”

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26 June 2018

JONES is back with her stunning New York EP, with elegant vocals and beautiful words you will be transported to a different place

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Review: My Pleasure – Mostly Happy

1 June 2018

  ‘Mostly Happy’ is gratuitously funny and fantastic in its weirdness. My Pleasure was arguably more than ‘Mostly Happy’ when recording his second album. This album is full of wit and [READ MORE]

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Review: Lokki – Cirrhi

16 April 2018

Starting out his musical journey in the jaunty indie-rock outfit Glass Animals, guitarist and singer Drew MacFarlane aka. Lokki has stepped out from behind the curtain to release the wonderfully spiritual Cirrhi EP.

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Review: Bryde – Like An Island

9 April 2018

Bryde’s debut album Like An Island is an odd mix of heartfelt artistic exposure and moving empowerment.

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Review: Fenne Lily – On Hold

3 April 2018

Fenne Lily’s marvellously melancholy debut album, On Hold, showcases her incredible songwriting and vocal ability

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REVIEW: Tom Misch – Geography

3 April 2018

Tom Misch has released another album! The long-awaited Geography is here on the 6th April and is composed of thirteen perfectly misch-esque pieces.

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Review: Hookworms – Microshift

5 February 2018

Hookworm’s have often proved difficult to define musically. Too melodic for noise rock, too loud for psych-rock and too punkish for krautrock, they seem to deliberately oppose labels all together…

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Review: Nick J.D. Hodgson – Tell Your Friends

22 January 2018

Ex Kaiser Chief Nick J.D. Hodgson unveils his take on indie and britpop as he leaps into the risky realm of solo work

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