Seen SXSW’s line up for this year’s festival yet? No? We, the long and short of it is that IT. IS. MASSIVE. With 500 acts on the bill, festival-goers won’t get anywhere near seeing half of them – so who to pick? Well, that is the question isn’t it… We went through the line-up with a fine toothed comb to dig out the best new music acts not to miss in the desert… if you’re lucky enough to go.


We’ve been banging on about FICKLE FRIENDS time and again but trust us, they are so worth it! If you have yet to delve in their 80s infused brand of pop you are in for a treat; the saccharine bittersweetness of their most recent single ‘Brooklyn’ is catchy to the core, whilst ‘Cry Baby’ is a self-owning euphoric anthem of a track. If you love a bit of pop music, you won’t be going wrong with this one.


SPLASHH have been away for a little while. It has been four years since the release of their debut album Comfort, but luckily there is not too long left to wait! They recently debuted the video for ‘Rings’ ahead of their second album Waiting A Lifetime which is set to drop later in the year, and with ‘Rings’ the band change a bit of their tack, alternately slowing down their psychedelic haze with stop/start aplomb. Previous single ‘Pure Blue’ had echoes of Primal Scream, so dive into their back catalogue and see why they’re worth your time.


Montreal’s MOZART’S SISTER has been bubbling under the surface of the blogosphere since the release of ‘Enjoy’ from her 2014 album Being, however ‘Angel’ from last year’s Field Of Love sees her further hone her penchant for the slightly eccentric. One listen to the experimental pop of ‘Angel’ will sweep you off your feet, as will the voice of Caila Thompson-Hannant, so what reason do you have not to indulge in her alt-pop goodness?


Brighton four-piece YONAKA are causing quite a stir as of late. Rowdy tracks such as ‘Drongo’ and ‘Ignorance’ have grabbed them the attention of the rock community – and rightly so! – for who can deny a bunch of focused noise-makers with well crafted songs? Magnetic frontwoman Theresa Jarvis holds down the fray with a killer powerhouse vocal, which is a must, as their live show is said to be truly ballistic. Check out ‘Drongo’ below.


If you’re after something a little different, then you’ll have hit the sweet spot with VALLEY HUSH. The Michigan duo weave together abrasive beats and noise with atmospheric electro-pop; it sounds wrong on paper, but it’s so very right. ‘Iced Cream’ taken from their self-titled debut album is a perfect example of what they’re about, luring you into a false sense of security via Lianna Vanicelli’s captivating vocal before pulling the rug from under your feet and lurching you into a bed of noise. Got your attention? Thought so.