Originally started by Huw Stephens and John Rostron, it’s now in its 10th year! Happy birthday, SWN! They’ve had quite the journey over the past decade and a bit, as well as an incredibly growth rate – understandable when you check out the past line-ups. But, all of that will be nothing compared to this year’s SWN10 special. There’s plenty of acts to choose from over the three days of festivities, so we thought we’d help you out a bit and give you 10 that you definitely should not miss.


All Tvvins

High calibre, synth-filled, indie pop with the talent and potential to cross genre boundaries with ease. As well as producing deliciously indie sounds for our ears, they’ve also played alongside the likes of Arcade Fire and The Pixies – impressed? You should be. Their debut album came out this year and since then they’ve been going from strength to strength in terms of their live performance.

April Towers

Recently, April Towers seem to be forcing themselves into every nook and cranny of the Internet… in actual fact, it’s their incredibly infectious tracks that are doing it for them. They formed back in the summer of 2013, so they’re a relatively young duo, but that doesn’t stop them from delivering a meticulously refined sound.


A surprisingly unique vocal, paired with some unusual instruments in the production – we’re big fans of all things strings here at Born. Which is one of the reasons why her hit track ‘Lost and Found’ is so great, it’s progressive, intense and generally super catchy. It’ll make you want to contemplate life, whilst dancing all your troubles away simultaneously… so, come and do just that at her SWN set.


If you’re wondering if it’s possible for music to be both delicate and sweet and also unquestionably strong, with a bit of attitude, then stop right there, your question has been answered. Bryde does exactly that and well, it’s more than evident that there are ridiculous amounts of talent here, both vocally and lyrically – but what will she be like live? Come and find out with us.

Dream Wife

They’ve just been on tour with the rapidly growing successful band Black Honey and now Dream Wife are heading to SWN festival! London-based musicians Alice, Bella and Icelandic singer Rakel formed at art school in Brighton as a performance art piece. So instantly you know that you’re in for a show, they have an abundance of attitude that they lace all over their indie pop/rock sounds, making for one pretty thrilling package indeed.

Let’s Eat Grandma

Teenage duo Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth have been making weird and wonderful, experimental pop together for a few years now, which makes the fact that they’ve released their album ‘I, Gemini’ at the age of 17 a little bit easier to take.

They’re on somewhat of a mission to reinvent pop music and they’re taking delight in how misunderstood their music is. Where on times they might come across as overly serious and a bit too introspective, you’ll simultaneously find that they’ve done that intentionally and think it’s hilarious, they’re lovingly mocking pop music; it’s massively refreshing and really quite charming.


Another London band, Pumarosa are a five piece that have a pretty interesting story behind them, having developed a lot of their sound in Italy/on the way to Italy. The Italian backdrop certainly helped them out, though, as when their debut single ‘Priestess’ dropped last year, Zane Lowe had it playing out of Beats 1 within days. They followed that up this year with melodic banger ‘Cecile’, this is a band that has a lot of potential… but also a lot of eyes on what their next move will be.

She Drew The Gun

Dreamy and so lovely they’re basically other-wordly, She Drew The Gun are absolute masters of all things psych-pop. Another band to have released their debut album this year, they have a delectable back catalogue to take us through, so come and sooth your soul and fall in love to the sounds of She Drew The Gun and their intelligent music that actually means something.

Spring King

Arguably one of the most exciting acts on the whole line up. Spring King have been completely ruling the indie rock scene, now making some headway with plenty of live shows ahead, including a support slot on the Kaiser Chiefs’ tour, amazing right? It’s completely undeniable that these lads are heading for great things, so don’t miss out – join their journey. Watch the video below and you’ll see they have a cracking sense of humour as well as bundles of talent.

Strong Asian Mothers

These guys have made their way onto the scene, simply by making such an impression by notoriously gigging in London. They have a massive talent for liver performance, they certainly know how to work a crowd and what’s better is that their music is pretty damn good too. They’re influenced by the best parts of a multitude of genres, from pop to hip-hop to R&B… they’ve also been best friends for years, which is completely evident on stage. You’re certainly in for a treat.