After emerging earlier this year with heavy synth-based tracks ‘Be Complete’ and ‘B-Tambourine’, SWEAT arrived back with new single ‘Stay’. It’s just as – if not more – exciting as the band’s earlier tracks. So we thought it only appropriate we have a little chat with them, especially with all the excitement of their forthcoming EP Pink Love World on its way next February, through Meno Records.

What is your manifesto as a band?

It feels quite a lot like we’re living at the end of the world, or loads of worlds one after the other, western democracy, polar ice caps, turtles and special tigers, human civilisation altogether probably. We want to make music about that but that is also exhilarating, that makes you want to move, that acknowledges something positive about human beings and human beings’ desire to behave recklessly, which is probably why everything is going to shit in the first place.

Can you elaborate on the concept of your upcoming album?

Our album will hopefully be a proper record of its time that thematically and sonically couldn’t have come from anywhere but now. Even among the collaborations we have done, essentially we produce all our own music as we believe the sound of the record and the bringing together of elements is key to our process and vision. We have a little studio in Peckham where we produce our stuff with plate reverbs made out of the side of filing cabinets, home made Leslie speakers and dirty old drum machines, springs and tapes.

What’s the weirdest thing to have happened during your time as a band?

When we had a show at Moth Club recently we got a call in the afternoon from someone impersonating Lady Gaga’s manager saying that Gaga along with Mark Ronson had decided to play at our gig. We obviously dismissed it as a joke but in the end they both turned up and brought the circus with them. It was a strange one for sure.

If you could collaborate with any artist or band, who would it be and why?

We asked Cyndi Lauper to sing on Stay, but couldn’t get through to her people. If she’s reading this than we’d still love to sort it out…

How did you react to being called the best new band of 2016 by Line of Best Fit?

As it happened we were listening to Sweet Dreams(Are made of this) by The Eurythmics at the time but immediately put it on pause and went to the shop and bought as many cans of Holsten Pils as we could afford and then swiftly dispatched them.

Who are the best band that you’ve played with?

Phobophobes, who we’ve played with many times. They have a really great dirty live show. Also just got off tour with Hinds and they smashed it every night which was amazing.

What music has influenced you the most?

SWEAT sounds like the center of a venn digram where the circles are RD Burman, Rob Zombie, Emmylou Harris, Living in a Box, Bhundu Boys, the Proclaimers, Marylin Manson, Billy Idol, Worldclass Wrecking Cru and Zed Bias.

What is the fictional Pink Love World club like?

A bit like that club at the start of The Matrix.


The band have just announced their biggest headline show to date at London’s Corsica Studios on 30th March, with tickets on sale on Monday 5th December, and further upcoming live shows are as follows:



Tues 10th, London – The Lexington (TLOBF 5-day Forecast) – TICKETS

Tues 24th, London – Old Blue Last (DIY Magazine Hello 2017)  – FREE ENTRY


Thurs 30th London – Corsica Studios