In a world full of adversity, we need band’s like Susie Blue to keep our heads on straight and fight for equality. The Irish indie-rock band have just released their new track ‘Be A Lady’ AND headed over the Irish Sea to play in the UK for the first time, so we thought we’d find out what they’re all about from the creative mastermind behind the band, lead singer Susan Donaghy.


We love your new track ‘Be A Lady’! Can you tell us the story behind it?

Well I wanted to write a track that shows my thoughts about gender stereotyping, I wanted it to show the ridiculousness of such stereotypes, such as if a man cries he isn’t a “real man” or if a woman doesn’t wear make-up she isn’t a ” real woman”. I surround myself with beautifully diverse people who are all unique and deserve to be who they want without being judged.

Your music videos always carry an emotionally strong storyline. Do you find them difficult to record?

I find I become very professional when recording as I have a full cast to look after as well as any crew who are on the set. I write all the story lines for the videos, so I control them creatively but I do find it hard as I know people still go through these things today and much worse.

How important do you feel it is to be a role model to your fans?

I have role models that I look up to and for me they are the people who keep me writing, so if I could be a role model to someone else I’d want to be worthy of that and I’d take that as a big responsibility.

Do you have any musical inspirations?

Yes, I take a lot of performance inspiration from Joan Jett and Sinead o’Connor, and also bands like Kings of Leon and Radiohead.

Congratulations on your headline tour in Ireland last year! Any plans for another this year?

We hope to yes, we would love to play further afield as well.

How was your St. Patrick’s Day performance at Dublin Castle in London? Quite fitting for the event I’d imagine!

It was an amazing experience, London was so welcoming and a fantastic crowd.

What’s your favourite thing about performing live?

Connecting with the crowd and hearing them sing along is definitely my favourite part.

Do you have any dream acts you’d want to support?

It is my dream to support The Cranberries, or maybe The 1975, Radiohead, Kings Of Leon or Halsey. There are so many I could list right now!

What are you listening to at the moment? Any artists you’re really into?

Currently I’m listening to a lot of Joan Jett and Ariana Grande. Also, I’ve been listening to Rews who are an Irish/London based band.

What have you got coming up for the rest of 2017?

We have a video being released for ‘Be A Lady’ and some festivals. We are also playing around Ireland in the coming months, everything can be found on our Facebook page,