It’s Boxing Day! So, what better way to soundtrack your hangovers, continued drinking and festivities and undeniable feast on any Christmas dinner leftovers than a Top 10 Tracks selection from none other than Superwalkers! We got in touch with them to chat about their favourite songs of the year and why exactly they love them so much. So, listen to their recent track ‘Seagulls’ and then let their selection of 10 tracks (listenable via the handy Spotify playlist we made for you below) wash over you.

Justice – ‘Safe and Sound’

Justice are back! And they are even funkier and…incredibly 70’s this time. We are pleasantly surprised and delighted for their return. Safe and Sound is a killer! It inspired us so much this year.

Parekh & Singh – ‘Philosophize’

A new duo from India. This song has so much heart and of course a whole lotta synths. The dreamy state of it all and the feeling makes us intrigued by these guys.

Cleopold – ‘Not Coming Down’

So minimalistic in the verses, and Cleopold managed to funk it up in the chorus and make it all work beautifully. This one is going to be stored in our all-time favourites. 

The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk – ‘I Feel It Coming’

It’s difficult to not like everything the robots come out with. The tracks they made with The Weeknd was no exception. ‘I Feel It Coming’ has so much MJ written all over it with a modern funky influence. We are still singing this aloud, we gotta admit.

Fred Falke –‘ It’s A Memory (Oliver Remix)’

We are fans of both Fred Falke and Oliver, so this one was a match made in heaven. Fred Falke’s usual retro vibe with Oliver’s uplifting party take made us very happy.

Childish Gambino – ‘Redbone’

What can we say about Donald that hasn’t already been said? The song is straight outta the 70s – 80s era with a Moog and a fender bass. We feel the soul and the funk in this one. His appearance on James Corden jamming with Reggie Watts suddenly makes so much more sense.

Skogsrå – ‘Out of Time’

So much positive feelings from this Swedish artist. There are funky guitar riffs, a clear electronic influence and beats that make you dance uncontrollably, what more could you possibly want?

Kaytranada – ‘Lite Spots’

Kaytranada has been called the hottest thing when it comes to beats and we kinda see why with his new album 99.9%. Lite Spots is so fresh, funky and inspiring. 

Niki And The Dove – ‘So Much It Hurts’

The Swedish duo delivers! So much pop, so much 80s…I am full. Check, please! 

A-Trak feat. Phantogram – ‘Parallel Lines’

As far as unconventional musical progression goes, we are intrigued. This one builds up as any generic electronic music number, but with a surprising instrumental twist in the main part that left us intrigued. We hear a bit of trap, a bit of experimental and…is that a 90’s alternative rock influence? Fascinating!


Listen to their selection over on our Spotify below.