From Manningtree, Superglu are a very close unit, with family ties, relationship ties and now wonderful music keeping them together, they seem set to be unstoppable. They managed to bag themselves airtime on Radio One thanks to Huw Stephens before they’d even performed live and since then they’ve just been going from strength to strength.

When asked if the fact they got played on Radio One so soon put a bit of pressure on them, Krista reveals that she’d “only been playing for two months… So, a little bit of pressure, but good pressure.” Looking at their progress since that play sent them flying into the public eye, it’s clear that any pressure has only benefitted them.

Releasing their ‘Horse’ EP, they instantly got picked up by big names such as DIY: “I read all those blogs like DIY etc and the thought of being featured in them was mad!” exclaims Krista, whilst frontman Ben Brown adds “you can’t expect anything, because you just can’t predict anything, you don’t know what’s going to happen, we didn’t even really know that when we go to a gig all our instruments will work, so when something like that happens it’s just such a nice feeling.”

Since then a lot of their progress has been down to the kind-heartedness of others, who can all see a load of potential in the band. When it came to creating a video for ‘Oil’ their friend Ric had a master plan: “He was our friend, we saw him at a lot of our gigs and he contacted us saying he’d got a good idea for a video, we explained we couldn’t afford to pay him and he offered to do it for free!” explains Krista.

They went round to his house and fuelled by veggie sausages and lots of tea, Ric revealed that he had the whole video down to each and every second planned out. “It gave me butterflies, to think someone did that because they liked the music… it’s mad!” says Krista.

For their new music video for ‘Dreams’ something similar has happened again, but this time with fellow musician John Callaghan who was signed to the same record label as Aphex Twin created the video for them in a deconsecrated church, sounds interesting, right?

Set for release on November 25th and to come from their upcoming EP ‘Fig’, which isn’t due out until next year. Krista reveals that the sound is a lot “more mature, we’ve all come together, when we first started playing, Ben would write my parts for me, but I think you can really see now that we’re working together as a unit a lot more”.

Next year is set to be a huge one for them, they’ve been added to the SXSW lineup and will be heading over to the States, something which has always been Krista’s dream. But, despite this the band remain incredibly humbled, if not shocked that these great things are happening to them: “We’re such a tight unit and it’s all just massively humbling, the people who are doing loads for us are doing it from the bottom of their heart, we’re not paying them, they’re just really amazing people that love music and are really passionate and they can see potential in us.”

Well, we don’t blame them, because we do too, keep your eyes and ears out for Superglu’s world domination in 2017, okay?