We’ve got the excellent Superglu headlining our new monthly live music night in London this Saturday (18th). So before you definitely head down to The Finsbury Pub (ITS FREE ENTRY), why not find out a bit about one of Britain’s best up and coming bands with a great little Q and A AND playlist of the bands on their live ‘bucketlist’.


Can you tell us about your brilliant new track ‘Dreams’?

Dreams is the first single of our soon to be release new EP ‘FIG’. We recorded the track late last year with the extremely talented George Perks at The Crypt Studio, London. Personally, ‘Dreams’ captures a sense of growth for the band in terms of developing as a tighter unit and as musicians – I always feel super happy and confident when we play it in our set. I remember Ben B literally telling me about the dream he had which features in the lyrics which always makes me smile.


What do you feel you bring to live performances?

Energy. Realness. Humour. Engagement. These are all things I hope we do anyway – so you’ll have come to a gig yourself to find out (hint hint)!!


Do you have any pre or post-gig rituals?

I tend to make about 1000 toilet trips pre-gig…. Spending about £10 on an overpriced 9v battery at a local corner shop ‘just in case’ my current one dies, losing plectrums getting myself in a panic then finding them again (usually in my pocket), vocal warm ups which never really work, one or two pints of larger but never three. Post gig?? Realising that all the panic before was ridiculous and if you’re having a good time and everyone else is then that’s the only thing that really matters. Cheesy but true.


How do you think being from the UK’s smallest town has affected your music?

It’s much harder to get noticed being from outside of London – but saying that the support we get locally is amazing, everyone’s always asking how the band is going and everyone at the local pub is always trying to get you to come in and play a gig, do the open mic night. I imagine if you lived in a bigger town it would be slightly different being one of potentially hundreds of local bands. I guess we have become so accustomed to living in small towns rather than big cities it’s hard to distinguish how it affects our music  – as its ‘just the way we are’. I guess we don’t take ourselves too seriously – you can’t really do that here. Which I hope comes across in our music.


What can we expect from you next?

New EP, more gigs, more of Ben Brown breaking guitar strings, more improvised stand-up.




The Thermals – Heres Your Future

Loved this whole album since it came out a few years back. I discovered the band via a SubPop compilation CD that appeared in my house…I didn’t buy it, nor did I steal it. The compact disks apparition remains a mystery to this day, but I thank whatever generous spirit animal is watching over me for giving me a clear path to finding out about this sublime garage-rock trio. Hadn’t listed to it in a while but our guitarist Alex is currently obsessed with it so I recently remembered I love it too.


Dingus Khan – Knifey Spoony

This is the other band me and Ben play in. It’s a superb song/this is self-promotion. Need I say more?


The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Everyone Says

Me, Ben and Krista saw these guys a couple of years ago down in Brighton. We met them afterwards, the guitarist had a real thing for Krista. This song is just really beautiful – wonderful, dreamy, swirling. Anton’s (the singer) vocals are melancholy at its best but the angel in the chorus really brings it all together.


Sun Scream – Sun Scream 

New kids on our block. These guys are young, hot and local – this is their debut single. There’s are tremendous scenes springing up in pockets of my native Suffolk county, these guys hail from a town called Bury St Edmunds….absolutely its packed with talent…I find it almost scary.  It’s a super rad atmospheric wonder-song, I’m a fan.


Future of the Left – Drink Nike

Sublime, funny, heavy, profound. FOTL were kind enough to take Dingus Khan on tour with them a couple of years ago…it remains a highlight of my life. Andrew Falkous is one of the good guys.


Willy Mason – Save Myself 

I’ve developed a stingy habit of buying CD’s that i’ve never listened to before in charity shops. The Willy Mason album that this song comes from was one of them. They usually only cost £1 and my car doesnt have an aux lead for my phone, so when i’m wasting my life driving to shows/practice/my mums I widen my sonic horizons with what I pick up in Oxfam. We playing a gig in Reading last week and gave this a go…so freaking great. I like to drunkenly claim it is written about these Trump-tastic times we are all trying to come to terms with, despite the fact it was released 10 years ago.


Souls of Mischief – 93 Til Infinity 

It’s a banger.


Shining Path – Full Gloom 

My wife and some good friends recently started this project. Her vocals are incredible, so are Rye Shabby’s. They are going to do great things.


Weezer – El Scorcho

A teen anthem – since I was an adolescent nit-wit Weezer have been one of my favourite bands. This song is weird as hell… the instrumentation is so bloody loose. I love love LOVE the pathetically desperate lyrics about being to scared to ask a girl out…and when that middle section springs into double time insanity I feel like punching myself in the face. It’s a ton of fun. River Cuomo is a genius songwriter.