It seems as if they have been around for an age but Reading quartet SUNDARA KARMA are only just getting started. January sees the band finally release their debut album Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect after keeping us waiting with bated breath for over a year, and with an extensive UK tour planned in support, 2017 is set to be one hectic start. We pinned Oscar Pollock down for a chat to find out what they have in store for us next…

Your most recent single ‘Olympia’ was fantastic! Tell us a little about what inspired the track?

OSCAR: It was inspired by Manet’s painting of the same title. There’s some other stuff in there too like loneliness and the omnipotent fear of death but as the saying goes – the versus are for me, and the choruses are for everyone else.

We hear echoes of Arcade Fire, The Maccabees and The War On Drugs in the song. What sort of music influenced you as musicians? Do you think that those personal influences directly influence the band?

Yeah all those bands kick serious ass. We love Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, The Clash, Radiohead, Scott Walker, Pulp… the list really goes on.

You’ve recently announced that your debut album Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect is to be released early next year. It feels like a long time coming, is it all finished and ready to go?

It’s all done! a very strange feeling indeed.

Does it feel liberating to think that you are close to sharing it with your fans? What can they expect from it?

It will certainly be a moment, the day our debut is released. I think the people can expect tears, a vast and strong cocktail of emotions.

How did the band form? Have you been writing together for a long time?

We all met through school, but it’s actually just me who does the writing; I’ve been doing so ever since I could string three chords together, so that’s been about a year now.

What is Reading like in regards to a music scene? Are bands supportive of one another? Is it quite inclusive, or is everyone just doing their own thing?

Everyone is doing their thing but we all come together in the latest hours of the night to reminisce over snakebites and other pints of awfulness.

You had a busy summer playing a range of festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, YNot and Truck. What was your festival season highlight of this year?

Doing 2CB at Glastonbury is something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Playing the main stage at Reading is also one of those life long memories that we hope to take to the grave.

You’ve recently completed a UK tour. What is your favourite UK venue and what makes it so great to play? Have you had any crazy crowds?

We don’t really have a favourite venue. We are total dressing room tarts so as long as there are comfy sofas and there’s hummus in the fridge we will keep coming back for more. All our crowds in England are wild, I think there’s something wrong with the milk these children are drinking.

Are there any artists or musicians that we should absolutely be keeping an eye on at the moment? Who are you listening to?

Matthew Maltese, Palm Honey, Blaenavon

Sundara Karma’s debut album Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect is released in January 2017.