Marrying smooth sounds and arresting visuals is nothing new for indie-pop duo STALGIA. The pair, who hail from Los Angeles, have been building a flurry of attention thanks to their intoxicating single ‘BDY’ and the accompanying cinematic video. In less than a year the track itself has racked up a mighty 5.4 million streams on Spotify alone, impressive for a band with only a handful of tracks to their name.

The video for ‘BDY’ – which was directed by Nova Rockefeller – combines striking usage of water, smoke and colour to create bold and exciting visuals. Take a look at the piece here and see what music videos Stalgia find inspiring…

Stalgia’s single ‘BDY’ is out now.

Watch their favourite striking videos below…

The Lemon Twigs – ‘I Wanna Prove To You’

When looking at a treatment, we love to see a unique aesthetic that really adds to the song. We have yet to see another video and song mesh as well together, as ‘I Wanna Prove To You’ does. It’s almost like they were created in the same world. The vibe is kitschy, yet deep, like The Grand Budapest Hotel. We love a Wes Anderson film! The ending is arguably the best part; ”It’s best to cherish loved ones only briefly, after all isn’t life just one big lesson in letting go?” -Narrator

Fiona Apple – ‘Criminal’

This video is deliciously unglamorous. It is gritty, yet sensual. The type of experience that has you biting your lip, reminiscing back on sins that you seemingly don’t regret. It’s real, raw, uncomfortable, and abstract. A creative that keeps us coming back for more.

JANE – ‘We Don’t Wanna Dance’

Although a bit biased (our best friend, Daniel Iglesias Jr. directed this video), ‘We Don’t Wanna Dance’ is hands down one of the greatest music videos we have seen. A vibrant and sexy performance by everyone involved. The scenes are perfectly shot, and remind us of the great Quentin Tarantino.

Alanis Morissette – ‘Head Over Feet’

‘Head Over Feet’ is super simplistic, but bold a.f. Back in a time where everything was overdone and perfect, Alanis gave us an unprocessed gem.

Sia – ‘Elastic Heart’

When I watch Maddie Ziegler’s performance in ‘Elastic Heart’, I am reminded of my experiences growing up. I see myself in this little girl, to a point that is actually quite terrifying. It is pure torture, and pure beauty.