vell“There’s nothing more boring than going to watch a super-talented, polished band play 10 minute long solos.” The Vellas, one of Sheffield’s most exciting up and coming bands, take pride in their “frayed around the edges” scruffy brand of catchy indie rock. “It seemed to us like people in guitar bands were too cool to write straightforward pop songs with obvious hooks. We’re the opposite – we’re sort of obsessed with the idea of writing straight-up melodies inside these clumsy love songs that we create.” Despite being the enjoyable antidote to ‘serious’ guitar music, they’re seriously talented musicians, who are all actually self-taught. “That ‘pick up and play’ approach is definitely a badge of honour for us and sets us apart.”

With three of the four living in Sheffield, the influence of the city “does bleed into the music.” “We played Sheffield City Hall Ballroom in support of local band The SSS at the end of last year, which was nuts. We’d only been a band for a year to that point and felt like total scruffy imposters, so we dressed in suits like we were Frank Sinatra’s backing band as a joke and had a fantastic time. We’ve also had some happy, hazy, amazing nights at Sheffield’s famous Leadmill too.”

Recently, the band have been recording their upcoming single. “It’s sounding darker and more widescape than our previous release. We’re dead excited for people to hear it.” After that, they have “a big headline show to announce for May” along with another single and a video, which, if you’ve heard the links attached, should get you very excited indeed.