The Sky Blues is a Perth based project founded on the concept of gathering “a bunch of our favourite local musicians and artists” to collaborate with and create wonderful, emotional, reflective songs. Their simple, often acoustic set up sounds refreshingly authentic, with raw lyrics complemented by rousing instrumentals. “I think the obvious folk/indie references are there,” says Ethan, guitarist, who records, mixes and masters their stuff, “but there are hints of funk guitar and perhaps some early emo coming through for sure.” The tone of their music, sort of Bon Iver-esque, reflects their aims, of being “truthful and emotional in a raw and revealing way, to create a piece of music that really backs up that simple feeling.”

“Fiz’s (Vocals) lyrics dictate the emotion that we’re going for”, her “spontaneous and honest” approach dictates the “slow and calculated” process of writing the music. “Fiz writes in such a personal, intense way, and we often find ourselves matching the mood of her words to the mood of guitar parts I might have lying around.” Take ‘salt’ for example, originally written six years ago and let free on salt//sand. Their recently released double A-side, featuring the equally touching ‘sand’ which ‘salt’ is connected to through the soothing four and a half minute instrumental ‘//’.
“The physical distance is definitely the biggest obstacle – Fiz spent most of the last couple of years living in Sydney and then France. Our live shows have been limited, and the writing/recording process has always been an internet project.” However, the band have recently grown, with more musicians participating in the project. “Initially it really was just myself and Fiz, but now we have the vast expertise of James Knox on our side,” and now extra “vocalists, drummers, guitarists and bassists for live performances” are helping to shape the direction and development of the band. But, with them all being in the same city again later this year, you can expect more great music from these guys in the future.