Not many bands are fronted by an armless mannequin, but The Pink Diamond Revue aren’t like many other bands.

The Reading based electronic, psychedelic and experimental group are inspired by everything from Elvis and disco to “cheap suits” and “early space travel”, via “cars and motorbikes from the 50’s and 60’s” and generally “people who do their own thing.”

Doing their own thing means that the group approach every aspect of their work with ingenuity and detail, even visually, saying “the aim is for the live show to be a visual as well as aural experience. We want to take the audience out of themselves and on a trip with us”. As you can see from the ‘Miss Lonely Hearts’ video, their dark and interesting style evokes a nostalgic, Lynchian atmosphere.

The group definitely don’t have a conventional set up, instead, opting for Acid Dol, a limbless mannequin to front the band. There’s good reason for their “model from another dimension” frontperson though. “Not using a vocalist means we don’t have to compromise on ideas to fit in with a melody. Compromise destroys creativity. The listener can focus on sounds they want to hear and not what the vocalist dictates.” Not having a vocalist gives the group “freedom to experiment with spoken word, samples and beats.” The resulting sounds and samples across this year’s We Don’t Play Rock’n’ROLL EP are fantastic.

With their aims to take their shows “to as many towns and countries as possible”, The Pink Diamond Revue will be a fantastic and energetic surprise to venues worldwide.