Tart Vandelay, the Seinfeld referencing New York pop group are our brilliant Spotlight artists this week.

You could say that the New York group make wonderful “indie Pop with a touch of jazz thrown in”, but it’s more than that, it’s “a straightforward analysis of what it’s like to be human. What it’s like to be alive.” Their objective is more than simple tunes, it’s “to expand the boundaries of music and art. To push ourselves to create something that doesn’t quite exist yet sonically, while still creating something that is universal and timeless.”

While the Seinfeld reference is the only direct outside influence, the group admit that “nothing exists in vacuum.” Spirituality, art, existentialism and creativity are wonderfully, but unintentionally “interwoven into the final product we create.” The songs normally start out simply from a guitar idea “and branch out from there.” Marty’s guitar parts will lead to Kate building upon it through looping vocals. These loops sound amazing on tracks like ‘Spin’ which create a layered feeling to the track.

With their second EP out soon, it’s a very good time to get into the band. One song to look out for is one that is “very near and dear to hearts is ‘Your Silly Ways’ which Kate wrote as a love song for Marty. It always melts our hearts, and we can’t wait to include it on a future release!”

Keep up to date with their releases an tour dates here.