Spencer and Sequoia are an acoustic, alternative indie pop folk duo living in New York. The band formed when Sequoia, whilst living in New Zealand, emailed over some songs to a band Spencer was playing in. After a few emails between the two, Sequoia popped over to America where they “fell in love, got married and gave birth to a beautiful band.”

Despite being “two different singer songwriters” with different approaches, the songwriting slowly became a more collaborative process, where Spencer “likes to believe that his “pop” influence on Sequoia can be a force for good, at times.” The group mix of influences are eclectic, from Ryan Adams to Chopin to The Kills to Sade for Sequoia, while the late Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave surprisingly provides the most inspiration for Spencer. For the contents of the songs, “events, imagined memories and observations” help form the tracks, even “looking out windows is usually enough for [Sequoia] to think up something to write”.

The duo’s biggest hurdle is their “musical ADHD”, where multi-instrumentalist Spencer “gets bored with an instrument and wants to move on” and Sequoia “gets bored if she doesn’t finish a song in about an hour.” However, this vital, direct approach only enhances the emotional honesty and integrity in the songs. It also means that Spencer can sing, play trumpet, drums and guitar fluently and passionately on any track they wish to write.

Check out wonderful tracks like ‘Embers’, ’Best Thing’ and their covers before they release their debut album later this year.