Born “in a trailer”, LA rockers Shady Rivals are our Reverbnation Spotlight artists this week.

The band started when “Stephen was living in a trailer in the backyard of his parent’s home.” “Much of our first album” and “many nights of bonding, laughs & writing songs together”, were made there. Since then, they’ve played The House of Blues “multiple times”, had a name change, released an album and had their track ‘withoutadream’ featured on The League.

They describe themselves as “like a 60’s band that can rock with the music of now.” Influences like The Kinks, Beatles, Beach Boys, Radiohead and even Motown artists can be heard in their music. “We enjoy the classics”, they say, along with “good TV show theme songs!”

Their objective is simple, but heard clearly in their music; to “make songs you can sing to and to always keep improving the quality of our songs.” “We take pride in having multiple songwriters” and working together to create, and perfect, new tracks. “It’s a fun process that is really moving fast with our new batch of songs. We are really pushing ourselves with the new songs we’re working on.” They’re “about halfway through [the] writing” of their new album, with new music and a west coast tour expected “in early 2018.”