Pink Lemonade

It only took one sip for us to get hooked on Pink Lemonade, so we had to discover what makes them pop in our latest SYNCR Music Spotlight.

We’re very excited to Spotlight the talented duo that is Pink Lemonade right here on Born Music. If you haven’t heard of them, prepare to get introduced to your new favourite band and join their ever-growing online fanbase.

They first caught our attention with their incredibly summery, feel-good track ‘Millennial Boy’. Whether it’s those warm sweeping synths, uplifting vocals or the overall mellow feeling, this track is difficult to ignore. This release was followed by the equally mellow ‘Too Late’ and ‘Good Life’. “These tracks were all recorded in the same session and that’s what makes them all sound similar in their direction,” the duo told us. “They all came about fairly quickly and they captured the feeling of last summer for us,” and captured summer they have!

“We’re just writing what feels natural to us and not thinking too much about intensity and how it would come across live. The lyrical content in the time we were writing suited that of a more mellow feel.” Some of the best music out there is written this way; written without too much premeditation.

Hailing from South West London, George Crossland and Adam Blake were originally in a pop/soul band: “we enjoyed it lots but wanted to explore new sounds with a production-based mindset”, which explains their previous lack of intent to play live. “We’ve purposely not been playing live in order to build up a strong online fanbase”, the pop duo explained. “We didn’t want to be another gigging band making money for half-arsed promoters. We have, however, been rehearsing a lot recently so we are ready for when the right gig comes along.” And we’re sure their thousands of fans are ready too.

It’s fair to say Pink Lemonade value equality in their creativity. They explained, “George is the singer and the primary songwriter, and in our live setup handles keyboards and samplers. Adam plays guitar and is the main producer of the tracks. When it comes to recording and moulding the tracks, this is an entirely collaborative process. Because everything is made ‘in-the-box’ (laptops), the demoing process is usually long as we want to capture the right feel and production ideas for the final version.”

Speaking of recording, we were very excited to hear Pink Lemonade are currently in the process of finalising their debut album Inside The Mind of Millennial Boy which, in true Pink Lemonade DIY style, they plan on self-releasing at the end of next month. The boys divulged that they’ve moved further away from the mellow style we’ve come to love about them: “We definitely branch out more in terms of style and genre. Some songs are very circa 2002 and some are a bit more ’emo'”. Our inner teens will always welcome an emo comeback!

It’s interesting Pink Lemonade don’t tend to be particularly influenced by sound. They’re more influenced by “the attitude towards music and the music industry”, citing Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West and The 1975 as examples.

Once their debut album is public, Pink Lemonade plan on “hitting the live scene and improving our ever-growing social media outlets”. If you like these guys, make sure you follow them on YouTube and TwitchTV as that’s where they’ll be hanging in the coming months. Plus, as if one album wasn’t enough, the duo added, “We also have 5 songs ready from our second album that are much more upbeat and summery so expect to hear them very soon!”