Permanent Waves combination of “Post-Punk, Surf, and a touch of Disco” is undeniably unique and exciting. This vibrant and exciting sound can be heard on tracks like ‘White Devil’. As catchy as the track is, the dark, brooding tone is inescapable.

It all began for the band when Jess, the bands bassist, met Chicago at a Williamsburg hair salon when she was ”hanging out with friends whilst they were getting their matching Hitler youth haircuts (very Brooklyn 2013)”, and she overheard “Chicago talking about needing a bassist for a project. Tre joined up a couple months later. They met years ago at the gay bar.” Despite all being from different musical background, the band work because they “all have the same goals of writing dark music that makes people feel good” says Chicago, the bands guitarist.

“The effects of being different and wanting to make the world a better place really saddened me. I think seeing the beauty in darkness is what really moves me to make music.” That dark and idiosyncratic approach has helped to set themselves apart from other bands, and to “offer audiences something they haven’t heard yet.”

The band are influenced by people like Courtney Love (“nobody can deliver a song like her”), or Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker, with his incredible “stage presence and swagger”. The Smashing Pumpkins too, during their Siamese Dream era, “when they were still good.” Joy Division is a key inspiration which they all agree with along with “artists that would use gender variance as a form of expression.” Outside of music, Jess’s obsession with Law and Order SVU has rubbed off on her lyrical style as well as the fact one of her old friends joined a cult, which ‘you bet your ass we’ve got a song about!’

“Being a band made up of typically marginalized people, the inspiration to move beyond limitation is a constant driving force” says drummer Tre D’Ambrocia, with Chicago going on to say “there is no one in the world that has our experience.  I think that is one thing that I love about Permanent Wave is that our music comes from what we know and the fact that we speak straight from our hearts.”