In her own words, Paris Ray’s music is “essentially diary entries set to guitar”, its reflective music you would listen to “in a coffee shop or on a long drive.” Her sensitive, emotional music has documented her life since 9th grade, “I wrote songs because it was an outlet for me, and posted the songs online mostly to document my growth as a songwriter, but when people started responding and saying they could relate to my music, I knew I wanted to write music the rest of my life.”

“Every song I’ve ever written comes directly from my personal life. My friends used to make fun of me and say that if you listen to my songs in chronological order, it would be one coherent story.” Songs like ‘Everything’ are bare, acoustic torrents of emotion about giving all you can give. Her latest songs, however, have been written about a relationship which took an abusive turn. “It makes for pretty heavy songs, but a really rewarding healing process.”

As a poet, actress and musician Ray was “voted most likely to be famous” at her graduation. “None of this really affected my sound but it made me determined to succeed in music and make a name for myself.” “I think the most important part of my process is making sure I stay honest and truthful.” With poetic skills helping her to express herself and acting experience easing and enhancing her performances, she soon moved from performing on YouTube to radio and TV.

Recently, her track ‘2016’ played a pivotal role in both her music and life. “It’s the first song I wrote about depression, and I’m proud because I was really scared to be so open about that part of my life. But I cannot tell you how empowered I felt after I played that song out for the first time.” While a deeply sensitive topic, Ray wants to use her music as a vehicle to “end some of the stigma surrounding mental illness”. “I want to communicate that depression looks different on everyone, and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If I make it big, I would use my platform to talk about all of this, and make a difference.”