This week’s Reverbnation Spotlight artists are the fantastic Mopak.

Mopak are an Oklahoma band who sound like a genius mix of their influences. And those influences are as great as Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, The National, Regina Spektor and Daniel Lanois. Guitarist Colt personally finds inspiration in Third Eye Blind’s Debut album, where he “fell involve with guitar”. While its “not a cool milestone – Kevin Cadogan’s work on that album is absolutely flawless.” Having already been enriched by this variation of styles, their being from different areas such as Seattle, OKC, and Albuquerque, “Grunge, Pop, Alt-Country, Art music, and more” have leaked into their sound. “It sounds like all of us fighting to channel our influences and meeting in the middle.” And the result is fantastic.

Along with their own gritty rock music, the group have also worked on The Lockout, a comedy musical about the 2011 NBA Lockout. “They gave us demos of the songs with lyrics performed on our friend’s $49 Casio keyboard and we did our best to make them into indie rock ballads.” “It was something that was new and different, and it pushed our creativity as musicians. Achieving the balance between crafting rock songs that appealed to the masses while also keeping the elements needed for a stage musical was an exciting challenge.” “Seeing it all come together on the stage was incredibly rewarding.”

“We have discovered that writing together is our most favorite thing to do as a band. Showing our songs to one another, tweaking chord progressions, adding instrumentals, thinking through challenging rhythmic ideas, and other details like that are the moments that we enjoy most.” However, the band have taken a break as their “families continued to grow”. “But”, they say “we anticipate jumping back into some sort of a rhythm this fall.” Keep a look out for their return.