Mojave Nomads might just make some of the catchiest guitar music around. Their brand of rock sounds fresh, polished and layered, with synths and production effects adding much to the old guitar/drums/bass format. It’s not revolutionary, but that’s irrelevant, because the songs are brilliant.

The band feel like, as their EP title suggests, Black Sheep, somewhere in the middle ground of Utah’s power pop and underground scenes, a mix of inspirations and sounds. They’ve taken on a broad range of influences, being “raised on classic rock and 80’s music” but also having “Run the Jewels 3 on repeat since it came out” and even naming Kevin Parker and Mark Ronson as current influences, there’s somehow an almost British Indie vibe to their songs. Surprising, considering their previous “blues orientated” style, though they admit “we had no idea what the hell we were doing or where we wanted to go”.

Now, with promising hits-in-the-making like ‘Creature Double Feature’, ‘Talk of the Town’ or ‘GIRL’ under their belts, there’s more focus and excitement. They’re currently working on new material, which they are “very, very excited about.” “We have a long list of goals, we want to take our music as far as we can”, how far that will be remains to be seen, but if they keep going the way they are, they’ll be a band you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future.