It’s hard to pin down the music of Mizz June, people have tried, comparing its elements to house, world music, 90s hip hop and techno. “So,” she says, “there’s no genre that I can think of putting myself in. As an artist, I just want my work to make people feel something.” Her idiosyncratic mix of sounds results in tracks as sensitively delivered as ‘Light The Way’ and as brazenly harsh as ‘Tramps’. There’s clear emotion on every demo track you can find; “I can’t hold back musically. For me, it’s all about going for it, diving right in. Go hard or go home – right?”

“My life up until this point has been quite the journey and I want to take those who hear my music through that journey with me.” It hasn’t been an easy journey, “I’ve always felt like an outsider, an alien,” she says, “I’m a black transgender woman who’s experienced homelessness and disappointment many times.” Growing up in musical theatre led to a strong desire to perform, but not quite content with its restrictions, she ventured into poetry, which quickly became a “sort of poetry meets performance art kind of experience” with her “queer punk/riot grrrl type of band”. Her music now summons all her past roles and experiences; ‘the theatrical, the poetic, the urban and the activist punk’. The result is a wild mix of electronic sounding hip hop, with bite.

With her combined work in the arts and activism, her goals are clear; “I want to saturate the media with my music. Make the ‘other’, what’s ‘in’,” to “make everyone realize that though I’m different – in a lot of ways – I’m very similar to them.” But normalisation isn’t about popularity, with the increasing levels of trans people being murdered worldwide, “I decided that I wanted ‘War Call’ to be my first official single off of my debut album – because of what’s at stake.” It’s a song critiquing our racist, misogynistic, transphobic society. She’s currently raising money for its video and the recording of her debut full length. “The more of us transwomen who get our stories out there, the more humanized we become to everyone.” You can donate here