We’re big fans of artists that do things a little differently here at Born, so when we heard Indonesian ‘Aeronautical Folk’ band Matter Halo, we just had to hear more. The concept of their debut album Aerotiva is to have “electronic folk that is recorded with the purpose to make people feel the flight of a plane, spiritually.”

Over the three years of its creation, the duo’s process developed massively throughout its creation, and through experimentation and research, they learnt “that the process to create art is to research, because art is a free state of mind that always evolves.” “We watched some movies and tried to re-create the soundtrack by [muting] the volume”, films like Lost in Translation and Studio Ghibli’s The Wind Rises. “We also liked to enjoy scenery from places like Edinburgh to Indonesia and imagined how the music would sound at that moment.” Their left-field approaches to making the record paid off when it topped the Indonesian Album Chart on the same day as the release. “To see people positively care and enjoy our music as much as we do, that is something else.”

Their musical tastes vary from the bands like Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros and The Carpenters to pop music and the deeply obscure. They also embrace their home country’s music by “recycling the Indonesian vibe” through traditional instruments and melodies, even singing in their native tongue on several tracks. The result is chilled out, atmospheric pop with interesting instrumentation and detail.

Along with being an exploration musically, the inspiration for its purpose came from Brian Eno’s ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’, an album designed for airport environments to relax flyers before taking off. “We asked ourselves “What if we made a soundtrack, some kind of distraction to conquer the fear of flying and to see turbulence as an adventurous ride?” So that’s the question we were thinking about, a continuation of Music for Airports.”

A year on from releasing the ‘Travel’ single, a documentary entitled ‘Travel Is’ has recently been released, which you can watch 15 minutes of below.