Lisa Heller is a singer-songwriter on a mission of inspiration; to spread hope, joy and connect deeply with her fans.

One year ago, Connecticut singer-songwriter Lisa Heller’s music career started with a bang. Her debut single ‘Hope’ rapidly garnered over a million YouTube views, trending at #1 in five different countries. This wasn’t just a standard great pop song though, its message truly was one of hope. “When I wrote ‘Hope’ I was aiming to create a universal message of inspiration. The idea of Hope is so universal in that everyone needs it in hard times.” Heller soon began to receive messages from fans “overcoming such adversity such as terminal illnesses like cancer, HLH, Gautchers” amongst others. The song quickly became an anthem for those in need of hope most, leaving her “blown away by just how inspirational it actually became for many kids with terminal illnesses.” “One of the most memorable moments was when I received a message from a girl who had watched ‘Hope’ with her sister who was in her final stages of cancer. This girl told me that the song was helping her family get through an incredibly hard time. It was heart-breaking and eye-opening when I received another message about a week later that her sister had passed away. If I was able to even send a small message of hope to this family, then it has all been worth it.”

Her newest single ‘Midnight’ has another message. Acting as a satire to most relationship songs, the track is about the pressure around “hookup culture” college students often experience and the downsides of modern dating. Its aim isn’t to complain, but to “inspire people to make their own decisions about relationships”. For Heller, “writing a song is a different process every time”, sometimes starting with her sitting at a piano, humming and writing chords, sometimes pulling “to the side of the road and writing lyrics on a coffee cup”. The result is a varied and unique repertoire, which can be found on her YouTube channel.

With five songs ready to be released very soon, Heller hopes “to be able to inspire as many people as I can all over the world” with some of the most “authentic” songs she’s ever written. With hopes of a world tour, things are looking bright for Lisa Heller.