“The biggest compliment is when your sound can’t be defined” says LegPuppy Front-man Darren Laurence. Their mix of dark, industrial electronics with dancey and ambient sounds is hard to describe or pin down. “Although”, he says, “a friend of mine called it Serial Killer Step”.

The band have what many would call a unique approach to music, but perhaps that’s just because they’re so inspired to create. “There’s so much great material to write about.” Their upcoming album You Should Be Paranoid “contains songs about online paranoia, email hacking/spoofing, identity theft and the fetish scene.” The bizarre documentary ‘Secret Life of Human Pups’ (Google it…) inspired ‘I’ll Be Your Dog’ from their first album. “I love the fact that people hear that song and say ahh, a song about a puppy, that’s cute…” Tracks like ‘Selfie Stick, Narcissistic Prick’ look at how “everyone is obsessed with narcissism”. “This is me in the mirror #goingoutface, this is me eating a bowl of ham #mmmmmmmmmm, Hugo is in #Starbucks, who gives a shit? In the words of a very famous philosopher [Deputy Dawg]; ‘that makes me mad’.”

Inspiration also comes from bands like The Residents (“greatest cult band of all time”), The Streets, Best Coast and The Fall. “I’m inspired by charismatic eccentric nutjobs” says Laurence, namedropping Little Richard and Fat White Family spin-off The Moonlandingz. “I love their ‘we don’t give a shit’ attitude. Some of the outfits Johnny Rocket wears, the egg in cling film for example, absolutely genius.”

The group have recently released a documentary entitled ‘She’s Lost Her Soul’ highlighting “the issue of loss of culture through rampant consumerism”, focusing on the losses of so many of Soho’s venues. The film also includes footage of Laurence’s “five-day silent disco protest.” The dance and music culture of London has a special place in the bands heart, with them even having their own residency at The Windmill in Brixton which they curate too. Despite the gentrification and destruction of creative spaces in London, LegPuppy seem to have the passion, optimism and hope to keep the culture alive.