Ladida is an eccentric rock’n’roll project with a unique and wondrous sound that’s been described as ‘Alice in Wonderland garage punk’. An amalgamation of playful madness and hard hitting guitars. “The songs are all written to be performed live” says guitarist Rat Westlake, explaining that “the performance/theatrical aspect drives the energy of the music.” There’s a quiet experimentalism in the band too, along with the theatricalities there’s a refusal to conform to a normal set-up. “I think we had a few different sounds and ideas mixed in with the standard “rock n roll” set up and were keen to experiment with what we could do within those structures.” “We’ve used singing saw, melodica, stylophone and kid’s toys in the tunes”

The band take influence from a whole host of artists, “PJ Harvey, Iggy Pop, Cardiacs, The Kills, The Headcoatees, Hendrix, Philemon Arthur and the Dung, Mr Bungle, Thee Oh Sees, Moldy Peaches, Kathleen Hanna, X-Ray Spex, The Beastie Boys, Sleigh bells, The xx, Ty Segall, The Slits, Suicide” to name more than a few. “I think as a musician you start hearing almost any music and thinking.. ‘That’s a good idea! We could nick that.’” Through this mix there appears to be a strong originality and passion, a desire for fun too. “Away from music it’s impossible to ignore the news and.. well.. enough said… That shit inspires you to create too. To try and do something positive.”



The positivity in their music comes in the form or adrenaline fuelled fun, where enjoyment reigns. “I think touring in Spain a couple of years ago was the most fun/exciting time we had. It was magic. Small places, great people, fantastic energy. Proper party. I couldn’t actually speak properly for a couple of days when I got home after that.”

You can hear this mix of excitement and grit on new track ‘You got it’. “That’s gonna be part of an EP which we are working on at the moment.” While Rat and singer Bea also play in another great project called Cherokee Death Cats (who are releasing great new music at the moment , there’s unfinished business with Ladida.“We’re looking to get back on the road later on this year with a new set. To Spain first probably!”