Formed in 2014 from members of the Trinidadian musician, Hatchling have a mission: to “redefine Caribbean music”.

“There are so many stereotypes surrounding Caribbean music”, “our region has a rich musical heritage, and Hatchling is very much about exploring these underrepresented tropical sonic territories.” Their “contemporary, symphonic, explosive songscapes” make sure they aren’t confused with the past or “yesterday’s music.” For example, they’re inspired by Gorillaz, with their “tongue-in-cheek genius” and Radiohead’s “elegant and beautiful” music, never compromised “for the sake of experimentation.”

Their fantastic track ‘16 PIXEL’, which is apparently reminiscent of ‘I Will Survive’ in terms of its themes of heartbreak and recovery also features an intro like a “Disney movie soundtrack (on an old cassette, coming unwound and flung into outerspace)” and a bridge emulating “a DMT experience”. But like Radiohead, they don’t sacrifice quality for experimentation unnecessarily. For example, during its tracking, the sound of the “upstairs neighbour’s water passing through the pipes in the wall” inspired guitar chords which “sound like trickling water”.

The band are currently on their first US tour whilst also finalising their debut album Youtopia, which focuses on themes of “finding happiness in yourself, in solitude, in absence, in isolation.” The album will also feature the track ‘Antonius’, which they are very excited about, as it’s a ‘very synth heavy haunting dance-rock song’ marking their “transition into making electronic music.”

Even before their record is out, they seem to be achieving their goals of continuous evolution and achieving the unexpected, by being authentically unique they’re challenging the preconceptions of music in the Caribbean. “It’s been an incredible experience,” says frontman Syam Nath, “and it’s only the beginning.”